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Thread: Sony Dishes Out 'Lifetime Ban' to Known Hackers

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    Sony is just buying ******* to show dominance and that they're the most technilogically advanced company in the world. THE END
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    Quote Originally Posted by creasy425 View Post
    Last I checked ms bans ur ip. So buying a new console won't fix it.
    No MS bans your consoles MAC Address. And that console can never be on Xbox live again. Your Gamer Tag is fine. Also MS made it so that yall your content on the HDD of a banned console is corrupted. So you can't use it on a nonbanned console. Take my word for it. I'm sitting on 3 banned 360's that are useless. So I did not mod the DVD firmware on my MW2 limited Edition
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    Ok, I doubt Apple could do something like say: Because your device is jailbroken, we won't allow you to buy from iTunes. I say this because people would end up pirating the software on itunes all the time, which would cost both Apple and developers a lot of money.

    What these companies need to do instead is embrace the hacking, they could create an official way to hack your device and say that if you need warranty service, they will unhack it and remove all unauthorized software first, put it in a notice when you first try to hack the device, no surprises and it would be completely safe, they could do things to prevent piracy, even with the hacks and everyone is happy, except for pirates, who don't deserve to be happy anyway.

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    this really sucks, they are really cracken down on this pirating thing hard. cant make things too easy but you cant dictate either, hard to find that right balance
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