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Thread: Best Buy Stores May Add Genius Bars

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    Default Best Buy Stores May Add Genius Bars

    In 2006, the formal working relationship between Apple and Best Buy began in earnest. But it reached a new zenith in 2010 as both companies agreed to work with each other to an unprecedented extent to give consumers another major retail outlet to browse and buy popular Apple products like the iPad. On Monday, reports surfaced that could indicate the partnership growing even stronger in 2011.

    The Apple section of your nearest Best Buy's computer department could be in for a substantial makeover during the next few months. A Best Buy tipster notified TUAW this week that numerous Best Buy retail outlets across the country may begin installing Genius Bars as early as this spring. The move would represent the first time Apple has allowed the native Apple Store mainstay to venture into non-Apple territory.

    Four years ago, Apple and Best Buy launched a modest pilot program in a handful of Best Buy stores that showcased Apple products in a designated area within the store. Today, that little pilot program has grown to include some 500 Best Buy stores across the US, each of which now prominently showcases the aforementioned Apple boutiques. And while its difficult to imagine Apple's Genius Bar turning up anywhere outside of Apple's retail stores, the Cupertino-based tech giant clearly enjoys working with Best Buy - as evidenced by Apple's decision last year to initially make Best Buy the only authorized retailer to accept pre-orders of the iPad.


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    I don't think the best buy near me would need genius bars because apple is only 4 minutes away from it.

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    I would love for this to happen closest apple store is 35 mins away even tho I live the apple store and people no me there being able to go local and only a 5 min drive would be more suitable for me

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    I like where I live. I can walk there if a want. Lol

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    truthfully not necessary, as long as every best buy has their apple sales rep guy, he's better than most "geniuses" at helping and i think every store has one....
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    I once helped a genius bar worker fix my iPhone. Lol

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    This would be great for me and the local apple fans because Austin is 45 min away but does have 2 apple stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannabprogramma View Post
    truthfully not necessary, as long as every best buy has their apple sales rep guy, he's better than most "geniuses" at helping and i think every store has one....
    I think its more a hit and miss. The three I go too can't tell a difference between a peach and an apple. And the geek squad can't do anything with a Mac. Besides install ram and a hd. My 8 yr old can do that.

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    I would love for this to happen. Both Apple stores near me are in malls. The one I normally go to is in the Mall of America and if you ever been there you would know why I hate going there. Makes it worse if I have to carry a 27in iMac in there.

    Or carry anything expensive out of there.
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    Exactly. You make a good point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSZ33 View Post
    This would be great for me and the local apple fans because Austin is 45 min away but does have 2 apple stores.
    I work close to the one at the domain in Austin. So hard to park there.

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    It's a great idea to expand their local customer service

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    Frankly, I'm a little surprised that no one has said it yet, so I'll just go ahead and do it:

    Between the elitist pricks that work for Geek Squad, the air-headed store employees that recommend Macs as gaming machines, and the Apple store rep whom trolls for innocent high school graduates and parents with loose purse strings that already inhabit my local Best Buy, the only way the atmosphere of the place could possibly become more arrogant would be if Best Buy Corporate allowed Genius Bars to move in.

    And here we are.

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    Geek Squad and Genius Bar? That seems a bit excessive.

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    Yes! Now I don't have to go to the mall to get my iPod fixed

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    This is a GENIUS idea!
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    So I wonder if this would be manned by Best Buy employees or Apple employees. I know Apple is pretty particular about having their own employees change their displays and the like.
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    It won't happen. It interferes with Geek Squad and the arrangement Apple, Best Buy, and Geek Squad have together.

    The title of this article should read "Rumor:Best Buy Stores May Add Genius Bars", just like all of the other articles on the web do about this rumor...
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    I just kinda hate goin to best buy =P too many bad customer service experiences but knowing there's a genius bar there might make it better

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    Lets just hope they dont use geek squad for apple stuff. Those guys are a joke.

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