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Thread: Worth $6 Billion, Apple Chief Steve Jobs Keeps $1 Salary

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    Then why argue it?

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    Lol I was wondering why it wasn't illegal.

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    I bow to you, master...

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    one day i will start a company called orange and i will be bigger than sjob and gates.

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    Steve Jobs has gotta be one of the, if not, THE best CEO in the world. Compare Jobs to the Microsoft CEO, whatever his name is. The guy that only pops up in the media when he's taking a cheap pot shot at Apple.

    And I bet he doesn't personally respond to customers with technical queries Go Steve!

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    I do love how steve will get personal with customers and actually respond sometimes to emails himself

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    I like the ruling with iron fist. He makes employees cry but at the same time they love that because he only wants the best from them. He pushes them because he knows they can do better.

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    I'm a Tim cook, I need a Steve jobs maybe the my little business can go somewhere.

    Steve jobs is a god.
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    That's cool, that's pretty much what I got paid as a top 2 Mac specialist in the retail store.

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    This is again ridiculous
    Quote Originally Posted by ??????
    Hi. Does anyone know is iBlacklist available in the app store? can it only be purchased outside the app store? If so, is it hard to install? Thanks everyone.

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    steve jobs' a legend right now!!!

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    When Steve joins Warren Buffet and Bill Gate's "The Giving Pledge" then he will be the man. The man wants for nothing. He probably has not spent a penny of his own money in years. Hell even Mark Zuckerman of Facebook has joined. The whole 1 dollar thing is just a joke when you are worth 6 billion plus. If you don't know what it is check it out. Come on Steve I'm sure you can survive off 3 billion.

    The Giving Pledge

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    Nobody knows if he has donated before. Some people don't like to show it off every time they donate. So who knows SJ could be donating anonymously or not at all.

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    All these guys make too much money.

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    My five shares of Apple that I bought at a really low price a couple of years ago have tripled. Thanks to Steve, I can afford to buy about two-thirds of an iMac with my profits. Thanks, Steve.

    Seriously, he may be a "male member" personally, but he runs a good company. If it wasn't for the anti-jailbreaking stance, I'd really have no issues at all with it as a corporation.

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    It's never enough!

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    I wonder what Job's main source of income is from. He needs money to pay the bills, after all.

    What about his personal life? Is he married? Kids?

    Quote Originally Posted by hogcia View Post
    All these guys make too much money.
    That's a myth. There's no such thing as too much money
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    Wait a minute, isnt Apple violating Federal Minimum wage laws...yet again, another Corporate giant not having to play by the same rules as "Main Street"

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    Quote Originally Posted by y2kcurt View Post
    Wait a minute, isnt Apple violating Federal Minimum wage laws...yet again, another Corporate giant not having to play by the same rules as "Main Street"
    Lol that's what I said last time this $1 salary was brought up.

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    6 billion?

    5,500,000 share
    x $336 a share
    $1,848,000,00 net worth from shares

    where the hell did he get the other 4.2 billion from if hes not getting a salary? He may not be getting a salary but im sure hes getting some sort of substantial cash bonus every year.

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