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Thread: Mac OS X 10.6.6 with New Mac App Store Now Available

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    I can't download any software. It keeps saying: "We could not complete your App Store request. An unknown error occurred (100)."
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    Another store to spend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    No... OSX is not "jailed" like iOS is. You are free to install anything from anywhere.
    I think what he means is, will more pirated versions of apps become available (like there is in the iOS App Store), ie getting Angry Brids for free. The answer to that, is unfortunately yes.

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    For all those, like me, who are unable to receive the software update for apps store, here is the link (though it's around 1gb of data to download Mac OS X v10.6.6 Update Combo

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    Downloading it myslef now

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortopher View Post
    There will be Cydia for Mac.
    iPhone jailbreaker set to bring Cydia to Mac OS X

    I stand corrected Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it's going to be more for system tweaks and themes and stuff. I wish I had seen the demo he did at 360 Dev.

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    THere is no "jailbreak" for the OSX since it is open and allows you to install Mac compatible software from any source. I think the question you are asking is if the software available from the Mac APP store will be "hacked" so that it can be installed without paying for it. It may be but what you need to understand is that there is lots of software that IS "hacked" and available on torrents, including Mac OSX itself, as well as windows 7. This is outright stealing! I understand the aruments for "trying out" software before buying as well as apps but really MOST people out there that get jailbroken/ stolen apps do NOT pay for them. I myself have downloaded many jailbroken apps. IF I like it and use I DO buy it. Example I have bought BOTH TomTOm and Navigon after trying them out. I just tried the new Garmin streetpilot. I will NOT buy it. I feel it is VERY inferior to the other 2 although I did like the weather part of it! I will delete it. I also tried Documents to Go and Quickoffice to see which one I liked better and then paid for the one I kept. I also did this with several RDP apps and games. IF you like it and use PAY FOR IT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortopher View Post
    It requires entirely different coding. How is this so hard for some of you to understand?
    NO!! the world needs to be free!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunion View Post
    Because not all of us are coders? Obvious really hence the question. Regardless of coding from a customers point of view they have purchased the app previously and shouldnt have to do the same on mac.

    It cant be hard to re-compile or convert the app surely? I'm not a coder but i assume its not going to requre a total re-code.

    Case in point - when you purchase a steam game on windows you get the mac version free and it works the other way around.
    since you're not a coder, then don't try to assume (*** u me).
    Translation can take a long time.

    Valve software (creaters of steam) provided free porting software to developers to make it much easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moon#pie View Post

    Valve software (creaters of steam) provided free porting software to developers to make it much easier.

    As apple have multiple platforms now with iOS and the macstore couldnt they do the same

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    now we need cydia nd inst..... on that bad boy!

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    For anyone getting errors when trying to download apps, completely quit the app store and re-open. If that doesn't work you have to reboot and re-open to app store.

    The problems coming from a license agreement that isn't automatically popping up like it should. Happened to me and a restart took care of it.

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    I can see the Mac App Store helping smaller, but still very useful, programs gain a lot of popularity and downloads. I just got a few cheap apps that I normally never would have come across that are useful and very productive.

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    cydia on iMac

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    Is Iris on there? I loved that software and now i can't find it anywhere...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunion View Post
    As apple have multiple platforms now with iOS and the macstore couldnt they do the same
    They have done something similar i believe, but you still have to up the resolution significantly to look right on 27in screens. That can be a lot of work to change all that stuff.

    Devs work their *butts* off, thank them with your $5.

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    I can't imagine any of you being dumb enough to think an iOS version and a Mac store version are similar enough to not justify rebuying an app you like on your idevice and want on your Mac. But I guess some of you are and legitimately think that you should get it for free. Do you work your *** off and not expect a paycheck at the end of the week? I thought so.

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    I think Apple may be working towards a uniform iOS for ALL their idevices...we may possibly get to a point where you just download an app and it'll work irrespective of the idevice you use.

    Imagine how that would play out against competitors if Apple achieves it...

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