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Thread: Apple Hypes Major iTunes Announcement Tuesday Morning

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    Default Apple Hypes Major iTunes Announcement Tuesday Morning

    The front page of Apple's website says it all. Tomorrow is a big day for iTunes. How so? I guess we'll found out for certain in fewer than 24 hours. For now, Apple will only say that it has an "exciting announcement" planned for 7 a.m. Pacific, 10 a.m. Eastern tomorrow. "Tomorrow is just another day that you'll never forget," Apple proclaims with the full power of the entire front page. "Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes."

    Although much speculation will likely be rampant across the blogosphere for the remainder of today, most are already assuming that the announcement will be rooted in the long-awaited arrival of streaming content to iTunes. Almost a full year into Apple's acquisition of Lala, virtually nothing has come of the purchase, even though "imminent" announcements have been anticipated since the day after the news of the acquisition leaked.

    All told, anything cloud-based would be a welcome development for millions of iTunes users. In fact, if tomorrow's announcement involves anything less than new streaming, cloud-based attributes, Tuesday will, indeed, be "just another day" after all. For that reason, Apple's grand hype suggests that something huge is definitely around the corner. And, fortunately, we won't have to wait long to find out the specifics.


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    It will be epic if they allow could based so iTunes installed and running on my HTPC with my music and media hooked up to it will be accessible anywhere through iTunes or my iDevice.

    All for free of course.

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    I don't give a damn about Chuck Norris, Spongebob can grill under water!

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    They had to choose one of the busiest days of the year? Apple planning, lop sided.

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    Niffty... Glad we don't have till the usual 10AM PST. Just about the time I roll into work I'll get to find out

    Quote Originally Posted by LamboFan View Post
    They had to choose one of the busiest days of the year? Apple planning, lop sided.
    Huh? I didn't really have anything major planned for a random Tuesday in November. How is Nov. 16th one of the busiest days of the year exactly?
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    yup he's right. 2mrw is 1 of the busiest days of the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LamboFan View Post
    They had to choose one of the busiest days of the year? Apple planning, lop sided.
    Would this be world troll day? If so you seem to be starting the party early ...

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    Cloud based? Sounds great. But did anyone mention it might cost money kinda like ME membership?

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    Yay I am off work tomorrow font have to worry about missing anything.
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    massive new server farm goes live and cloud based storage and itunes streaming all at one shot. Just my guess but makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LamboFan View Post
    They had to choose one of the busiest days of the year? Apple planning, lop sided.

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    wondering and pondering...
    iphone = intelligent phone...OK!
    ipad = intelligent pad...HUH?!

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    I also hope they do more with PING, right now it's useless
    "We don't need bullets, We need Pie's"

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    Yea I like how it's 10am eastern time so I can find out before work but I'm puzzled as to why they would do, also the context "from iTunes" doesnt directly imply it's about iTunes

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    Datacenter goes online, iPods global unite and enslave humanity with constant loops of Justin Bieber songs, millions bleeding from the ears at 10am PST Tomorrow

    Slightly on topic, I probably won't remember the day, I don't remember when I first saw any Apple thingy unveiled

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    I want wifi syncing!


    If I have helped you then thank me.

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    Awesome, tomorrow's my birthday, so something good from apple would be much appreciated.
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    Has anyone forgotten how buddy-buddy steve jobs and Marc zuckerburg have gotten? Could this be something about that? Because Facebook has a live announcement soon too!
    my SPOON is too big

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    maybe it will be that airtunes will do video to my apple TV. kinda sucks right now!

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    The front page of Apple's website says it all.
    It says it all in a vague, mysterious, unclear, beat around the bush way...

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