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Thread: Google TV Shows Off Apps & Content

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    Apple got owned with this one. I'll be getting one of these and cancelling my Verizon Fios TV service. I literally watch Netflix and a couple of shows. When the Hulu & ESPN app comes to GTV it will be amazing. I think it's priced right as well considering most people pay between $50-$100/month on TV services (more with premium sports channels).
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    You didn't know? Super secret agents have already infiltrated Sony, LG AND Google to get their hands on the hardware and software and did their own integration and had this bad boy hacked months ago!

    Oh wait... nvm... that would be stupid. Also asking if a product that doesn't even exist in the free market place is hackable is ridiculous. Thanks though.
    The question was "any idea if this is hackable?" A simple I don't know would suffice dude!

    Quote Originally Posted by Snozberries View Post
    so what you're saying is that i should just ditch the dream of being a super mod and change my sn to "ridiculous"??? I don't follow Google crap, therefore I asked if anyone would know. Do you know? NO, you don't. So you'll just relish in the glory of bashing what you think is a newbie... thx bro.
    Don't pay attention to him... His post made NO sense what so ever. Since ATV is based on iOS dev's employed SHAtter jailbreak although the actual box wasn't even out. Since most of us would like to see competition because its best. Most incl poseidon are so far up APPLE's *** thats not even funny. How about the fanboys saying google is copying Apple, its ridiculous. Listen, I own an iMac and wouldn't trade it for anything but I also own an Android device and my wife carries an iphone. And GTV is based on Android OS, the very nature of the OS allows more integration of apps within the system. But as others said, very unlikely that its not rooted.

    Quote Originally Posted by back9player View Post
    it's not about copying each other. it's about doing it better.

    and it looks like android will eventually do it better than iOS, as far as market share.

    open systems are always better than closed.. we should know this, we're a JAILBREAK community.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cer0 View Post
    This is good. Rivalry breeds progress.
    Well said guys!!! Commend you on SMART & CONCISE comments. Unlike others uhmm Poseidon.

    @ Cer0 whats up with the guy? I remembered thanking him before but every once in a while I sit in front of the computer and sift through some posts all of his replies troll the topics.
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    GoogleTV is going to have a rough start. The first GoogleTV product to hit the market in Oct is going to cost 300$.

    Technolog - Google TV box Logitech Revue will cost $300, plus accessories

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    Wonder if you can just go to because flash is supported so u don't have to wait an app to be released, would be sick!

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    Apple better get an AppStore going now

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    It may for a little bit but I am sure Hulu will block it eventually. The networks does not want them streaming to TV devices. Same thing happened with boxee on the Appletv worked for a while then Hulu blocked Boxee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cer0 View Post
    It may for a little bit but I am sure Hulu will block it eventually. The networks does not want them streaming to TV devices. Same thing happened with boxee on the Appletv worked for a while then Hulu blocked Boxee.
    Hulu is getting too greedy, they want to benefit off everything and everywhere, isn't it enough that they have to sit us through commercial ads...

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    Yea but I will take the 15 sec ads they have to the 3 min ones on TV. Also older seasons don't have ads at all.

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