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Thread: A Muted Reaction to Apple TV Becomes Apparent

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    Default What's better?
    I'm not totally happy with the new aTV but would everyone please stop complaining about it not having 1080p. Please tell me one net streaming device that delivers 1080p content. Please tell me which broadband companies can support 1080p. How many people have TVs the size that 1080p even makes a difference. Most people say they want 1080p for the same reason that Spinal Tap had a knob that went to 11. Why? Because it was bigger tha 10!

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    Quote Originally Posted by organik View Post
    Apple TV rocks! I use it every day. Ordered the new one just for Netflix really, and I'll use it every day as well. To everybody complaining about the lack of features, just remember more isn't always better, in fact it rarely is. I prefer my devices to do specific things really well, not everything poorly. And AirPlay is really very cool, too bad we have to wait until Nov.
    LOL what? All of my gaming systems can run netlfix really well already. Hell, so can current smart phones. Quit justifying this POS...
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    I agree about the comment above regarding 1080p. I have a 65" DLP and the only thing that supplies 1080p to it is my Blue-Ray player. I recently updated my Internet speed and have seen a huge difference in Netflix streaming picture quality. It now looks better than an upconverted DVD and rivals my U-verse HD channels, which are nearly as good as Blue-Ray. On a daily basis, I am completely happy with the sub-1080p picture quality.

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    Well if anyone wants 1080p get the wd tv live much better

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    LOL what? All of my gaming systems can run netlfix really well already. Hell, so can current smart phones. Quit justifying this POS...
    Why POS? It's priced exactly like the other Netflix streaming boxes. It's not really any sort of game-changer, but it's a decent offering to compete with other products. The Roku player has slightly more features, but been around slightly longer. I do agree that it should have had app-support though. Would have immediately added Hulu + and the ABC player, along with several DLNA streaming apps to stream anything from any PC.

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    not interested.
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    I was really excited to pre-order one... but it pretty much does everything my ps3 or xbox can already do. so I had to pass. The price is so tempting tho.

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    @ $99 is not a bad deal.

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    let me subscribe for $10 a month and be able to stream all the HD content i want and sure, I'll buy one right now, but I'm not going to pay .99c for a tv episode or $3.99 for a movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by politicalslug View Post
    As soon as the Apple TV allows me to wireless stream ANY media to my TV (from a PC) in the same way as I can with my xbox360, then I'll pick up 2-3 of these little beauts.
    Yeah once or if it can do this, im getting one also.
    I always stream movies from my iPhone to my ps3 but its in a different room. Having one of these stream movies from my PC or iPhone would be great.
    Burning DVDs is getting ***, and this will make it so I can get rid of the old junky (and huge) DVD player I have
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    Just what we need, a proprietary network device that doesn't do much, except to stream media to your TV from iTunes...Boxee will be the game changer we are all looking for. November will bring the boxee box, open linux server (With a hard drive) that will allow you to stream almost anything to your TV, including Pandora...yay!
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    Quote Originally Posted by defdad View Post
    I think it is a step in the right direction. I may get one just for the Netflix feature. I'd like to move my xbox into the game room where it belongs and I don't want to buy another blue-ray player just for Netflix. I can't really think of any apps I would run on it anyway, so that's not a big deal. The rental content would add up quick without the Netflix player and streaming content will be nice(like I do with my xbox now).
    $99 you get Apple TV to use as Netflix player in 720P...
    $99 you can get Blueray player in 1080P WITH Netflix streaming!
    Really do not see any advantage of Apple TV over Blueray player.
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    My phone can export 720p, it supports avi formats, and installed is a hulu app.I have a hard time deciding what to do with $100 dollars....

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    Quote Originally Posted by southfrisco View Post
    That is a push actually (I am being generous to Comcash) and you forgot the TV after Apple because I don't think you meant as a company Comcash is better than Apple.

    • Overpriced cable packages
    • Overpriced broadband (and phantom advertised speeds)
    • Horrible customer service outside of "unplug and plug back in"
    • Constant billing problems
    • A monopoly (no competition) in every location they provide cable to
    • No ala carte network packages
    • Slow to make any type of positive change for their customers

    There is not much to like there.
    And you think the price for the service from Apple TV is going to be better? Apple cost more in just about everything they are involved in, and you think your HBO package is going to be cheaper when it is on AppleTV?
    Apple TV does not provide broadband, unless they decide to go into broadband business. Which means you will still pay for broadband price probably more since Apple TV will demand more so you have to buy higher tier service.
    I can live with pulling plug to reset the hardware once every few months, the equipment is free so who am I to complain Apple have to buy the hardware plus subscription.
    Monopoly? not quite because you can get satallite services, DirectTV or DishNetwork.
    Yes they are slow to make advances, but what advances do I really need. Give me a DVR and reliable signal I am a happy camper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pyro41787 View Post
    It doesn't even do 1080P WTF apple? way to offer product that is automaticly inferior to the market standard. i prefer my WDTV live. or the WDTV plus for netflix access.

    and no way to attach external storage for already downloaded content? PFT screw that.

    i was hoping this was going to be a great upgrade to my WDTV live but now im thinking ill get a popcorn hour media player instead....
    1020p is not a "market standard", get your facts straight. The only true media that's available to view in 1080p is blueray. HDTV is broadcast at the lower resolution of 720p. There's nowhere in the world that broadcasts free to air HDTV at 1020p only a few cable channels which you need a a proprietary box. [ame=]1080p - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    Telco's around the world are using this type of box connected to their servers to stream content. The future is with cloud based content not storage devices. iTunes will eventually go this way too. Netflix does not stream in 1020p as one person states. The broadband infrastructure cannot deliver the quality bluray does.

    So what's your complaint about inferior product or market standard? 720p is the standard, 1020p is the premier format.
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    Default So close to being able to ditch my Windows Media Center
    All they had to do was make this an IOS device. You can watch tv shows on your iPad for free with the ABC app but you have to pay $.99 to watch it on an appleTV? I also agree with the other poster, I would pay $.99 a month to watch unlimited shows from each abc, then another $.99 to watch unlimited shows from fox and so on but not $.99 per episode each time you watch it. My wife normally falls asleep in the middle of watching tv at night which means it would cost us another $.99 the next time she wanted to finish the part she missed.

    Elgoto EyeTV has an app for the iPhone and iPad to allow you to stream and watch recorded and live tv using a Mac and their hardware to capture HDTV from the cable box. If this would have the ability I would buy a MacMini to connect the EyeTV to two cable boxes and replaced the 4 xbox 360s I have in the house with appleTV's. I hope this is something they decide to fix soon with a software update.

    This was so close, shame on you Apple. I'm willing to bet this had to do with the tv companies nit wanting their free apps on the tv competing with hulu+ and cable companies.

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    we have freeview in the uk, also a lot of providers have a +1hr on there most viewed channels, we can even watch on line with the bbc iPlayer and other channel provider equivalents

    so want I'm saying is there is no point to the AppleTV in the uk, so I'll never get one

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    i hope that they also release an update to the old apple tv to support netflix....

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    i was waiting on a new apple tv but as soon as they rolled up this "$99" joke i went out and bought me a 160gb apple tv for $80 and hacked happily streaming and playing all my media from pc and external hard drive =]

    iPHONE 3G FW 4.0 JB & iPHONE 4 4.0 READY TO BE JB=]

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