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Thread: Apple Quietly Adds "Magic" Features to MacBooks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newgy View Post
    That would be a honorable statement, if the iPhone was their only product... The MacBook series is what made them legendary
    That's not at all true. They wouldn't be anywhere without their iPod line my friend. Dominating that market is what brought them where they are today...
    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moribo View Post
    I pay 1200 for my MacBook Pro.. You pay 500. I think I get priority you moron.
    1200 Euros for a Mac Book, Who is the Moron?

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    Quote Originally Posted by santacruzlocal View Post
    1200 Euros for a Mac Book, Who is the Moron?
    roflol. macbook pro is a s*** load different than a cheapo macbook. so i guess the answer to your question is, well, you.

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    I second that! I payed $1,500 for my MBP
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    close to $2000 here for my i5 MBP. this thing is a beast though.

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    over $2k for my i7 17" MBP.

    anyway, the update is. but Better Touch Tool is much cooler.

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    noticed the inertial scrolling right before reading this. love it. i can flick to the bottom or top of a long string of argumentative, sexually repressed/frustrated drivel, like this, with the flick of 2 fingers. thank god.

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    whos using this with there macbook pro just wondering if it has its advantages over the already built in track pad, just wondering I guess I am a little confused.

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    Figured out why Chrome was stuttering, had smartscroll enabled and it was screwing with everything. Removed that and inertial scrolling works great, wish I would tweak the amount of time it takes before it slows to a stop. Awesome anyway though, gald to see they have it on older MacBooks now.

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    basically, you can move it around, it's bigger, and it's wireless so you can control your comp from a ways away.

    But I think that you are really confused because this is the wrong thread for your question. This thread is for the talk of the software update, not the magic trackpad it's self.

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