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Thread: 27" Cinema Display, 12-Core Mac Pro in June?

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    Default 27" Cinema Display, 12-Core Mac Pro in June?

    Apple is reportedly preparing to finally bring out the long-awaited refresh of the Mac Pro line in June, using Xeon processors rather than the Core i7 Extreme Edition chips that have been previously rumored. Sources have told AppleInsider that the new Mac Pros should drop in June, along with a new Apple Cinema Display based on the monitor from the 27-inch iMac.

    The new Mac Pro will use hexacore Xeon 5600 processors, and AppleInsider quotes its source as being "stern" that the new Core i7 chips, which would be cheaper but require a redesign of the motherboard to support the new chipset's memory bandwidth requirements, won't be used. The Xeon 5600 is based on the new "Westmere" architecture, which is Intel's 32 nanometer die-shrink of the existing Nehalem architecture used in the current crop of Mac Pros. That means that the chips can be dropped into the existing dual-CPU motherboard, which will allow for dodeca-core Mac Pros, running at 2.66, 2.8, 2.93, and 3.33GHz speeds.

    Now that the iMac 27-inch display problems have apparently been solved, Apple will be releasing a new 27-inch LED Cinema Display based on the backlit 16:9 ratio monitor. The screen's 2560x1440 resolution approaches the image quality of the existing 30-inch monitor's 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution. According to AppleInsider's source, the separate display has been in the labs for some time under the code name "K59," but Apple had been waiting for the cost to drop. After months of volume purchases of the large panels for its wildly popular iMac, Apple has apparently gotten the deal it wants.

    June 2010 would make 15 months after the last update of the Mac Pro line. The delay is being blamed on Intel, which won't release the new Xeons for another month and a half. Apple has traditionally had priority access to Intel's latest chips, with the current Mac Pros having sported Nehalem-based Xeons before intel had even officially announced them.

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    12 core desktop computer... omg... it's only $$ right? I just built a fantasy mac-pro on with the 30" display... $12,218... whew!
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    Lol... guys, when the first news of upcoming mac pro with hexacore i7 processors were published, what did i say in one of the comments? It is simply obvious, that desktop chips will not be used in dual-processor configuration, you just have to know a little bit about how this things work (no need to be a geek).

    I wish apple made mac pro a true beast (chipset supports up to 4 times pci-e 8x), sata 3, usb 3, ssd for system as standard... wishes wishes...
    But i do really love their new displays and 27" one will make it's way to my home workplace, even with the price so steep.

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    What would I need all that power for? Even if I ran a website this would be over the hill power. I could see this used industrial type setting but wow!

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    Just like Bill Gates famous quote on memory, lol. "640K ought to be enough for anybody" Sometime along the future it will be put to use. But correct, for now that is way out there.
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    I hope MBP's get released first. Getting really tired of waiting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    12 core desktop computer... omg... it's only $$ right? I just built a fantasy mac-pro on with the 30" display... $12,218... whew!
    i know right bro? this is what i want to see...




    the xps is 200 cheaper
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    All that screen space and still no Hi-def playback from Disc(I know you can rip, but we don't all have tones of storage space)

    12 Core is just insane I'm happy with just my 2 Duel Core 3GHz Mac Pro

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    My god! I need it! What a beast!
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!

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    I just went from a dual core to a i5. It feels like an insane boost in what I was on. I can't imagine 12 cores.

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    Wow, a big screen and more cores than can be used with an underpowered OS for more money than a small car does not a good PC make.

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    Lol. That's it, lol. Waste of money. Apple won't even update their Moho so they use older hardware, but what more can you expect. I'm sure there's planty of fanbois out there with too much money and a craving for jobs cock in their *** to buy them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    12 core desktop computer... omg... it's only $$ right? I just built a fantasy mac-pro on with the 30" display... $12,218... whew!
    yeah im sitting in front of that one right now [gASH]
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