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Thread: Tim Cook Talks About Apple's Future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    Nexus One and MyTouch 3G are HTC phones. I haven't used those, but the hardware in the Droid works perfectly. Furthermore, the Droid is for Verizon, which has amazing 3G coverage, and your two phones are GSM for T-Mobile, which everyone knows has terrible service. That and the Nexus One has a hardware issue that causes it to switch between Edge and 3G all the time.
    Droid = Android, I wasn't talking specifically about one phone when I said that. Anyway the Nexus One is the best Android phone out there right now and it still has those issues. I know the actual Droid phone has the same issues minus the 3G problem because my friend owns one and he told me that if the phone didn't have a physical keyboard he wouldn't have gotten it. And if it's actually because of hardware then almost every phone running android has hardware issues, not just those two, the Moto Cliq I owned before these two had the same issues going on. Again the only positive was that it had a physical keyboard, but when you wanted to type something real quick with the touch screen it was a pain.

    Edit- You should try a Nexus One, outside of those issues I mentioned the screen is amazing, multi-tasking is nice, and the speed is awesome!
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    I don't understand why people want Flash so badly. I personally think it's a fail plugin. My PC has an i7 920. Normally it runs at 5-10% load, but when I play Flash games like Farmville, it's at 45-50%. I can only imagine what that will do to a 600mhz iphone or the 1ghz Snapdragon. Sure Flash is not only for gaming, but once you have a Flash enabled device, you'll have access to everything Flash right? In the long run, wouldn't this damage your CPU in some way? Isn't this one of the reasons why Apple don't allow Flash is to protect their devices, and in the long run their assets when people starts to complain about busted iphones and ipads? I'm not a pro on this topic so please correct me if I'm missing something. Also, Flash is easily hackable, and isn't Apple more interested in HTLM5 than Flash?

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    seems like a straight shooter to me
    killall Terminal[]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    Must be a personal preference thing. I've had no issues myself with the touchscreen keyboard on the Droid.

    I'd like to try a Nexus One, but T-mobile in my area is atrocious and I don't want to run it without 3G on AT&T. Right now I have a Droid on the way from Verizon and when a CDMA version of the Nexus One comes out I may give it a shot then.

    For the love of all things that are sacred in this world, You NEED to try the HTC HD2. Mine just came in the mail this morning, had to order one from Telstra AU in order to get full 3G mind you, but I have never used a phone that is as flat out awesome. Speed is tremendous compared to anything I've used before in a phone. I'm Troy @ 720p off of my nas with perfect playback. 4.3 inch screen. I've been thumbing around on the iphone at the same time and the screen comparison is pathetic. Apple is suing HTC because of phones like the HD2.
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