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Thread: Court Shuts Down Psystar Forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    Alright HTC fans - start pulling your "Apple fanboy" flags and flame people who have apple devices on an Apple forum...
    Sorry, the forum you're referring to is that way. --->

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    Quote Originally Posted by riku98523 View Post
    OSX is a closed operating system what is this about buying it separately? I don't think you can buy it legally unless you buy it straight from Apple for an Apple built computer.
    What is it with these Windows users who say OSX
    is closed? I can crash the mac's system quicker than I can to Windows'.... LOL
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    its really nice to see all of you guys come together on this issue. =[J
    killall Terminal[]

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    I think its funny how all the 'die pystar' guys have jailbroken iPhones... I'm just sayin

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    Quote Originally Posted by juggz143 View Post
    I think its funny how all the 'die pystar' guys have jailbroken iPhones... I'm just sayin
    i have to sorta agree with you on this one, however, the only difference is that they[we] are hacking apple devices. whereas pystar users were "sortalike' hacking a dummy mac with a mac OS software. its kind of like you going on vacation to thailand and buying a rolex or a prada bag off a vender and really, for sure, thinking its the real deal.
    killall Terminal[]

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    Quote Originally Posted by GmAz View Post
    Ok, so Microsoft gets sued for monopolistic practices by bundling IE with windows. Apple does the same thing with safari and even sues a company that builds hardware that can run maxos. How is apple not practicing the same if not worse
    monopolistic practices? They essentially killed the only competition they had in terms of hardware. Fu k apple, Fu k steve jobs, and Fu k all the associated fanboys.
    And F uk you too! GOOD DAY SIR!

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    I think it's about time for a monopoly investigation from the gov. Apple is going too far.

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    A long hard fought battle. RIP Psystar. You will be missed by the OSx/86 community...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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