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Thread: Apple Loses '1984' Ad Legend

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    Default Apple Loses '1984' Ad Legend

    The creative mastermind of Apple's legendary '1984' Superbowl commercial is leaving the company he helped put on the world's stage a quarter-century ago.

    Still considered a "masterpiece in advertising," Clow's "1984" ad was filmed with a whopping budget of $900,000 (huge for the time period) and was directed by legendary sci-fi filmmaker Ridley Scott.

    The world learned this week that Lee Clow is stepping down as chief creative officer at TBWA/Media Arts Lab for which Apple was a chief client. Beginning with the "cultural cornerstone" that was Apple's classic "1984" ad that introduced the Macintosh computer and ushered in the new era of "Get a Mac" ads starring John Hodgman and Justin Long, Lee Clow's work won't soon be forgotten by anyone, including his good friend Steve Jobs.

    According to Apple Insider:

    TBWA was also behind Apple's "Think Different" campaign and the silhouette iPod advertisements, both made while the organization was under the helm of Clow. He has worked in advertising for more than 40 years, though his best known work has been with the Mac maker. Other memorable campaigns, according to AdAge, include the Energizer Bunny and the Taco Bell Chihuahua.
    Clow, who is retiring at the age of 66, will be replaced by Duncan Milner, another longtime advertising associate of Apple's. Milner, however, will have big shoes to fill. Clow, after all, was a natural fit for Apple as both he and the company he loves made it a priority to craft culture right along with commercials, a method that has contributed heavily to the growth of Apple as the premiere industry-leader that it now is.

    This year marked the 25th anniversary of the Mac, which launched with the original Macintosh 128K on Jan. 24, 1984. It was the first mainstream computer with a mouse pointer, windowed desktop, icons and folders priced at a level that was more affordable than previous offerings, like the Lisa. The first Mac cost $2,495, while the Lisa cost four times higher.
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    Image via AdAge

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    wow. He is a legend

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    haha that's so intense but ifeel like it just adds to the whole cult thing hah

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    Everyone thats works for apple is SO UGLY. I mean look at Steve Jobs he looks like a damn Skeleton.

    This guy looks like a dman Walrus

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    Is he REALLY stepping down?

    Some Sources say it ain't so, Joe (or Steve, as the case may be).:
    Apple Advertising Star Lee Clow Staying On | Peter Kafka
    ...Clow isn’t retiring, he’ll still have a hand in Apple (AAPL) campaigns, and he’s a bit bemused by the way the Internet has treated his org chart shuffle.

    “Look at how the blogosphere decided to make it a conversation about me,” he writes in a letter distributed to his staff.
    Link to quote below..."Lee Clow's 'Not Going Anywhere'"
    "Hey Everyone:

    So we tried to promote Duncan Milner because of the great job he's been
    doing leading the Media Arts Lab and look at how the blogosphere
    decided to make it a conversation about me.

    As you all know, I'm here every day meddling in everything that goes
    on, pushing the creative on many brands including keeping an eye on

    I remain Chairman of MAL, Global Creative Director of Media Arts and
    Chief Creative Officer of TBWA Worldwide.

    I'm not going anywhere.

    Love, Lee"
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    No matter he is stepping down or not, it wont affect anything on what apple will be developing in the future which is more important for us. I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeal View Post
    Everyone thats works for apple is SO UGLY. I mean look at Steve Jobs he looks like a damn Skeleton.

    This guy looks like a dman Walrus


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    Its always sad to lose anyone from our community...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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