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Thread: The Magic Mouse

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    Those who have an iPhone/iPod Touch, can get the amazing "air mouse" app for a few bucks, which does everything this mouse does(and much more) better. I don't understand why Apple didnt went for a real trackpad attached to the number-less keyboard right away, which would be a smarter move, IMHO.

    Trackpad is the future of UI interaction, period. I just dont see why to make the inevitable transition trying to merge trackpad and mouse, instead of going for trackpad right away.

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    so... how do i activate exposee with this ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocchiararo View Post
    so... how do i activate exposee with this ?
    Im pretty sure there will be a software update...

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    step one: buy mac computer, step two: buy this mouse, now i need to start stepping...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajl917 View Post
    Just got back from the Apple store about an hour ago, and Im not very happy. I went up to the mall for one reason, to see this new mouse. I was gonna try it, maybe buy it, but when I ask them where they are, they say tomorrow!! Ahhh, Im gonna have to make another trip tomorrow!
    Well you must have gone to the Cherry Hill NJ store like me because the answer i got was "I hope we get them in the next few weeks" F-ING pissed! I need a new mouse....

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    This is the best wireless mouse out there! a little expensive, but i think its worth it...

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    Ahh i was lucky, a few days ago i went to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse, but could only buy the keyboard because they had no more mighty mouse's in stock, im glad that happened because i would rather this much more

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    Just ordered mine on the OZ apple store 5-7 days till delivery.. can't wait.

    Had a bit of a play in the Chadstone store today, & liked it, some features will take a bit of getting use to..
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    Just got to go up to the Apple Store to check it out and its pretty good. Its hard to get a feel for the mouse because they have the security magnet right where you would put the back of your palm, so you cant really get a feel for the mouse. I guess its worth buying, but $70 is pretty steep for a mouse...

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    Can you customize it to make it act like it's just a track pad?

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