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Thread: Snow Leopard Beats Win 7 in Speed, But Not Gaming

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    Quote Originally Posted by creasy425 View Post
    lol, however if ur using the C-WALK (crip walk is soooooo 2004) I might advise carrying something else metal made under the arm not carrying the mac book....I'm just sayin!
    1st gen iPhone?

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    It's not Mac or PC who gets the's the inventor of the USB:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
    1st gen iPhone?
    that thud u might have just heard was me falling out of my chair lmao'ing, cheeky fellow aren't you...

    after ur last post.....


    that made my whole day
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    Quote Originally Posted by glassJAw View Post
    Get a PS3 for gaming.
    PC > PS3

    why? upgradable

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    the only thing better about pc is media center

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
    You probably get less than 1/4 the looks from any of the girls though


    much love, boxxa

    Hahahaha. <3 Girls who make arguments about how cool their Mac's are about as attractive as a girl with a giant herpes sore on their lip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cssoz View Post
    PC > PS3

    why? upgradable
    both are hack....err....upgradeable so i'd say thats a push...
    Neo Style by k.nitsua....early front runner for THEME OF THE YEAR

    Now in a dead heat with liveOS c/o bluemetal....

    Let us all welcome the newest fighter to the TOTY ring...iNavHD c/o reeco

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    No fricken way.... Windows 7 is slower on a MB Pro then snow leopard?! WOAH... im shocked!

    p.s. drivers drivers drivers drivers

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    PS3> add me glassJAw624, will do work when modern warfare 2 comes out.
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    snow leopard all the way
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    I want to have the wallet to have both so i can do the comparo myself
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    That's awesome, Mac's rock! Don't get me wrong Windows is cool when I need it, I'll use XP with Parallels when I can't run a program on OS X and its fine, but I definitely use Leopard 98% of the time. I just have too many friends and neighbors that are using Windows 7 or XP and have so many problems with it, I think its just too much...awesome for gaming though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nighthawk283 View Post
    Oh yeah man the best gaming system faster processor then the abox 360 and is capable to put yellowdog OS on it its a computer and a gaming system
    Idk what yellowdog OS is but they have the exact same speed processor 3.2ghz just different types, 360 PowerPC(which i think is quite halarious considering apple was one of the main useres of this) and teh PS3 a microcell anyways just saying
    but ehh, if that's the only speed difference and thats on a mac, why not try a windows 7 on a pc so? not fair imo and but still its all about personal prefrence especialy with those minute speed diffs cept that top one
    and on one last note i think its funny that it has to say that the smaller bar is better :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by glassJAw View Post
    PS3> add me glassJAw624, will do work when modern warfare 2 comes out.
    Add me on PS3 guys, I'm Awayze
    Lol back on topic, the mac should be better for gaming as mine has nvidia 9400 and 9600GT in it.

    MBP 15" 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo Nvidia 9400M 9600GT 256MB OS X 10.6.4 Windows 7 June 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by petterloco1 View Post
    I love windows 7 I think pc has a lot to offer but on the other hand mac is more reliable. It's all user choice
    Based on what? Data randomly disappearing on Snow Leopard? LOL

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    The one big thing that keeps me on the windows side (aside from PC games) is that Apple has this huge proprietary-ness around all their products, and it makes me uncomfortable. It feels like everything from the video cables to third party software have to go through the Apple Store.

    Granted, I'm the type of guy who wants a USB port on everything from his laptop to his toaster, so maybe Macs weren't made for a guy like me.

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    Microsoft does have an advantage where gaming is concerned e.g the xbox, xbox360

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    how Bias can you be that you thrash windows like that? even I, who owns both a PC (alienware M15x) and macbook pro, have to say that windows 7 is one of the best operating systems microsoft has come up with,althought straight out of the package it DOES go really heavy on resources (yet alot lighter than vista) part of the reason because windows 7 is more like an eye candy and it defenitely does look nice.thats where system tweaks comes in.

    although the macbook does have a certain smoothness that noone can really dislike, my windows 7 runs alot faster especially under multitasking, it all boils down to subjective specifications what you like and what your used to, so if they are really gonna run stats on both OS then they should put them both at top performance, meaning tweaks and taking out all unnessesary start up. btw my windows 7 takes about 26 secs to bootup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedianjimenez View Post
    btw my windows 7 takes about 10 secs to bootup.
    Counting the POST and everything? You running Big Blue there or what?

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    sorry typo, i meant to write 20secs, but now i official time tested my boot up and it gave me 26.3 secs, and this is with all the extra programs i have staring up in the begging which defenitely adds seconds. Windows XP should be much more impressive though because it is very light on resources and start-up memory

    my laptop is a windows 7 ultimate 64-bit intel 2.8 dual core extreme processor, 4gb ram, 512mb Nvidia Geforce 9800M GT
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