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Thread: PCWorld/Infoweek Calls Snow Leopard a Copy Cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    Oh no, he went on. WTF @ "Vista R2" is this guy high? He is right that Vista contained a lot of fail in it hence the new OS so quickly which many parts have been redone from the ground up. Even if you called Snow Leopard a "service pack" the $29 price point kills any new Windows OS in the category of value for the money.
    R2 sir means Revision 2, much like Windows Server 2008 R2. I agree with it being a service pack though, that's what Windows service packs do, under the hood changes. Meh, whatever floats your boat, I cba arguing

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    haha this is hilarious

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    Default Embarrasing
    I just recently bought a nice old iBook G4 1.42Ghz, 1.5GB with a new 320GB hard drive. I used to be and still am a huge windows fan, I also love leopard. They both have their own uses and they're both great if you know how to use them. However! this article written by this dink of a windows fan boy simply presents a flat out embarrassing argument, The return argument by the apple fan is almost as bad, this is why stupid OS wars start, not because one OS is actually better, but because both sides claim to have bigger penises (obviously a metaphore). I hope both sides can put their tiny penises back in their pants and accept that their rival is either equal or better. I have and i'm happy, i use both for different reasons and sometimes even linux. So both yal, shut your c*ckholes and just get along like good little children... Shyeeeit
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