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Thread: New Mac Mini Caught on Video!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    It doesn't even look close. WTF!
    Seriously I don't see the thing that makes this so ugly compared to the earlier model. I looked at the video again, and I saw a groove around the edge of the top... and that's it

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    Why would the on/off button be on the back? I mean, when you want to use it as a media server etc and stick in between your gadgets, you can't even get to the button!

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    Fake i say. Empty box.
    The ease of how he rotates the MM.
    Don't forget, that MM has the rubber on the "***" to stick to the table (unless the new model won't have any rubber)
    I have a mac mini and a glossy polished table, but i can not rotate it with such an ease with one hand the way cameraman does it.
    Tried a few moment ago :-D

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    Am I the only one who thinks this is released by the same person? [as the still photo]. I only say this because the floor is wooden and looks very similar.
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    old school style and no uni-body... calling fake. and old news btw.

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    Fake... For a few reasons; I would think that if they released a new one, it would be cut out of one piece of aluminum like the new macbook & mbp family. It would most likely would not have a firewire port. I would think a new one would most likely have an hdmi port...

    Also, "dale1v" - funny, I'm guessing that was PF's personal one... which would explain the circled link..: )

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    I find it funny how all people know to say is FAKE FAKE FAKE... this isn;t a poll lol.

    Apple - Mac mini

    Tell me how it looks SOOOOOOO much different from what Apple is currently selling to make people believe it is fake. If you think this "new" model is ugly I see no way how anyone can think the "old" model (the one I provided a link to from Apple;s own site) can be any better...
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    I can't wait to see the pricing, i think i'm more interested now, than i was before. :-)

    oh... its not the real thing?!?!.... Fooled again.

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    I've wanted a mini for a while now... I just didn't want the dated hardware... If this is true, I might consider grabbing one... assuming that the specs are better and we aren't just talking about a bunch of new ports (which I may or may not use all at once).

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