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Thread: iPhoto Recognizes Cat Faces

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    Default iPhoto Recognizes Cat Faces

    One of the biggest disappointments at this year's MacWorld was that iPhoto's newest feature, Faces, couldn't recognize animals faces, at least according to Apple employees on the show floor.

    Well for all you pet lovers, the folks over at MacLife did some more testing and got iPhoto to successfully recognize cat faces. They explain, "Like adding people to faces, the key is to train the software to recognize a person, or animal in this case, by tagging a few images manually."

    Once you have your furbaby's base face is established, iPhoto begins finding the animal on its own. After this all you have to do is confirm the animal's face in the Faces' "Confirm Name" menu.

    They also report that the success rate is as good for cat faces as it is for human faces once it's established. Cute!

    Source: iPhoto's Faces Recognizes Cats | Mac|Life

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    thats sweet! too bad i dont have it upgraded just yet and dont really have any pets.

    OLD INFO I forgot where to get this again. Link?

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    damn thats a fat cat

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    who cares.
    two lame *** posts in a row?

    not cool..
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    This is cool. It's the only reason I want ilife 09 (the iphoto improvements) but I don;t really want to fork out the 75 bucks. Granted its a huge upgrade, but I wouldn't be using all of the other differences.

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    who cares.
    two lame *** posts in a row?

    not cool..
    and you just made the third....
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