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Thread: Steve Jobs Admits Poor Health | Will Remain CEO

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    I hope his treatment fails. The last thing needed in the computer world is a non tech savvy marketer who thinks he knows exactly whats best and how everyone should use there machine. Maybe with Jobs gone Apple will be able to convice the real "God" behind apple computers The Woz to come back and make them good and usuable again. Steve has always just been a giant wannabe riding the coattails of his engineers.

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    Thank god steves the best
    ROFL??? Why, because he constanly holds back development and technology by drastically limiting what people can do with there 400 dollar portable devices? Or is it because he thinks simplifying an OS down so much that it's terribly uncustomizable and everything must be done in a very specific so the idiot can't break it? Maybe it's because he thinks charging a third to 50 percent more for identical hardware thats in any PC just because it has an Apple logo? He's just an elitist yuppie that puts his name on patents designed by intelligent engineers, not himself. He seems to think that form should be one of the first things thought of when it comes to computers.

    Hopefully he'll retire and cut off all contact with the outside world. Apple and all there fans being the mindless drones they are will hopefully in an act of desperation higher back Steve Wozniak and Apple will actually be pushing technology forward again instead of holding it back.
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    Good thing, at first I thought that it was cancer.

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    Poor steve...
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