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Thread: Miss Today's Special Event Keynote? Watch it Online.

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    Default Miss Today's Special Event Keynote? Watch it Online.

    If you really have to hear about all the updates from Steve himself you can watch today's Keynote online. Total time is 53 minutes.

    It should be up on Apple's Keynote podcast soon but in the meantime you can watch it from the Apple site here.

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    Chicka Chicka Yeaaahhhhhhh

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    You already coevered everything we need to know in all your "news" posts
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    The computer is magnificent, but how could they exclude the mouse clicker!!!

    It is a really stupid move... A lot of people don't like clicking on the track pad, and now we have too...

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    errrr nah thanks, well maybe if im over bored! lol

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    Default Great line of new products
    Wow, a great break thru & innovations combo. Here en Argentina will be a really huge replacement for the (loved) white one, wich i own. Hello Mercadolibre...(Your ebay)

    Just a little impression...Was the audience numb, cold or stoned? Man, i just finished looking the conf. and everybody was like "Aha, fine"...I mean, we're known for too passionate and loud, but that deserved a few "Yeah's"...

    As you use to say, my 2 cents.

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    Lightbulb anyone notice?
    I consider myself a rather observant person.

    Anyone else notice that theres wasnt tons of clapping going on. Steve paused a few times in his normal fashion expecting applause. When they didn't come - he stopped pausing.

    He also took a rather nervous gulp of water RIGHT before announcing the price on one of the laptops (I forget which one)

    ...he was also kinda of a **** about the "people in the back" handling his laptop frames for a lil too long.

    ...Just my thoughts

    ...oh yeah ...nice laptops too

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    I suggest who ever is watching it watch it from 45 min in cuz seriously Steve repeated TONS of stuff at lest 3x - 4x. The last few min just sums everything up with a nice vid at 45 min in. If you do watch the whole thing.. note the lack of enthusiasm of the crowd unlike past year of keynotes.

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