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Thread: Nine Years Later Apple Dock Patent Secured

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    after briefly reading over that drivel that was their patent, i am not certain that they could stop stardock or rocketdock from continuing to develop their own "docks".

    1. They've been doing for how many years now? Which means that they would probably be grandfathered.

    2. Trying to patent a GUI is like trying to patent the car. Yes, technically i have a chassis, 4 wheels, some type of engine and so on, and yes i can hold the patent on it, but so what?

    Maybe i could just patent a web browser while I am at it...

    3. Under something called the fair use clause usually found in copyrights, while things like Xerox, or Kleenex, are copyrighted, their names are also now commonly used terms which is puts them into an interesting position. Can you use the name for the company? No, can you use the name to describe the product? Maybe. It's somewhere in which i am feeling particularly lazy right now and don't feel like searching for it.

    Now would they have a leg to stand on if it was the same code? Or if it was reverse engineered? Sure, but seeing as how OS X and Windows speak two totally different languages I don't really see how that could even happen.

    So while apple can try to patent everything that they lay their hands on, that's all good and fine, that certainly doesn't mean that they are going to get anything out of the deal.

    And if worse comes to worse the best that they can hope for is that Stardock or Rocketdock wont be able to use the term "dock" anymore.

    Boohoo... We'll just call it the "fun bar".
    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!

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    if the patent was 'drivel' to you, it was probably just because the abstract was the only part you understood. The patent is for very specific components of the dock, namely the magnification feature. Also, Apple has been doing this since the 80s, so they are hardly 'grandfathered' by anyone else out there.

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