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Thread: [Rumor] New Macbooks Powered by Nvidia

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    Default [Rumor] New Macbooks Powered by Nvidia

    Macbooks have always suffered a bit in graphics processing power because they don't have a separate graphics processor; Macbooks use the CPU to render graphics.

    TUAW reports that the new Macbooks may have some Nvidia power in them which could add some more power and put the Macbook in a bit of a higher class. According to the source Nvidia has been showing off the new Nvidia powered Macbooks to their employees.

    I for one wouldn't mind a Macbook with a little more giddy up in its go. Anyways the expected date of these new Macbooks is October 14th so if you're in the market to buy, hold out a little longer.

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    I've been doing a little research,
    and I have a few facts you may find intresting about

    Point 1: is registered to 1 Infinite Loop
    Look at this, from a quick Whois of
    Registration Service Provided By: Site5 Internet Solutions, Inc.

    Domain name:

    Registrant Contact:

    Quincy Pince-Nez

    1 infinite loop
    Cupertino, CA 90210
    1 Infinite Loop. Just in case you're confused, read this:
    Why would an Apple Rumor site be registered to that address? Hmmm!

    Point 2: seem to predict correctly most of the time
    9to5mac were the people who gave us a spy shot of the fat nano.
    Thy also gave us a spy shot of the nano g4.
    They also gave us a prediction of the iPod touch.
    They got all 3 of these predictions completely right.
    How where 9to5mac getting these very accurate spy shots and informations?

    Point 3: KNOW what the brick is
    9to5mac seem to KNOW what "the brick" is, and I believe their thoughts to be accurate.
    It all adds up, and I can't see it being false information. They have provided so much true
    information in the past, I have no reason not to believe them.

    Point 4: and Nvidia
    9to5mac have posted the following picture:

    This really says it all. Firstly, 9to5mac have not mentioned anything about the brick in this post, they haven't even suggested that the new Macbooks will have Nvidia. BUT other websites have, and 9to5mac are asking "Does anybody know what this notebook is?" meaning they are trying to give a hint if my theories about them are correct. The notebook in the picture bears a striking resemblance to the current Macbook Pro (also the trackpad is in the direct center of the laptop) and the name of the image has "new" in it, meaning a new laptop may be on the way? This image may or may not be a new notebook, it may just be a generic notebook mockup. BUT I'm positive the new Macbooks are going to have Nvidia, due to all this evidence.

    After going through all my evidence, I have come to a conclusion.
    -New, Cheaper, Aluminium Macbooks on the way.
    -They will have Nvidia.
    -They may look like the laptop in this picture:
    -Someone at Apple is helping 9to5mac and providing them with info & pictures.
    -9to5mac are awesome

    Does anybody agree with me ?
    Of course, I could be completely and utterly WRONG
    Also, apologize for my bad english. I'm a french man living in england
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    what they say about the macbook being made out of a solid block of aluminum and saying that it will cost less , is like weird...

    go try and buy a block of aluminum the size of a macbook and you will see the price. it isnt less expensive i guess. anyways thats my opinion

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    you don't understand. It's not about the block, it's about the process used to shape the block that is cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conn18 View Post
    you don't understand. It's not about the block, it's about the process used to shape the block that is cheap.
    lol they save on production but cost more for the materials

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    Quote Originally Posted by qgshadow View Post
    lol they save on production but cost more for the materials
    Aluminium is cheap

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    Well I hope this comes out. I am looking for a new laptop since my Alienware once again failed me. I am looking into mac + gaming so if its nvidia powered thats a + to me. I am hoping on OCT.14 I will be at the apple store in SLC Utah purchasing a brand new Mac book pro powered by nvidia.

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