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Thread: Easily Turn Your PC into a Mac with EFiX USB Dongle

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    that is so so useless osx86....... did the same thing without adding some useless dongle...... and it works great........ I got it running right now......

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    I don't think it is particularly easy for Aplple to monitor whether you have a valid copy of OSX, it is a similar situation to Microsoft with Windows. They can try and do what they can but in the end there is always a way around it.

    In my experience Apple are less pro-active about chasing illegal copies of OSX or hackint0sh's. More than likely due to the fact that until recently you HAD to have Apple kit to run it, now they may well become more pro-active as more and more solutions come out to run OSX on non-OEm hardware.

    This has only really gained popularity since the introduction of intel based macs, making it easier to install and create/adapt drivers for non OEM systems.

    At the end of the day I used my hackint0sh to TRY OSX and to see whether I wanted to shell out for a mac. I loved and and so I did. Many of the solutions out there are susceptible to Apple update issues, therefor IMHO it is a short term solution in order to run some mac software, or to try before you buy a mac.

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    just buy a mac and you can have windows and leopard on one well designed mac.


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    What band is that pic of on his wallpaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensengels View Post
    just buy a mac and you can have windows and leopard on one well designed mac.

    Just buy a mac and a pc then you can run both at the same time
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    somebodys gonne get trouble with apple...........

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    I just made my computer look like a mac by using a couple youtube videos and flyakite..
    I love it!

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    lol..why would you pay $150 for something you can get for free (osx86 install) good idea, but not for that price.

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    that sucks, it dosent support my memory my cpu my gfx and my m/b, and its at a rip off price... this is really a worthless piece of crap, i rather do it the long way.... - the ultimate hackers lounge » Blog Archive » Dual boot OSX Leopard with Vista on Intel/AMD!

    better this way

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