Wineskin 2.0 has been released!

Wineskin 2.0 wrappers are made from Wineskin Winery, which is also being released in a 1.0 form today!

Download Wineskin Winery, and it will handle downloading updates, engines, and even let you use Wine source to make custom engines, as well as creating Wineskin 2.0 wrappers!

What is new in Wineskin 2.0? Way too much to write here. Wineskin 2.0 is a total re-write from the 1.x branch. Every piece of code has been re-written... no more bash and Applescript, its all ObjC/Cocoa and C++. It is still LGPL Open Source licensed.

While Wineskin is used mainly for gaming, it is capable of running non-gaming programs as well.

Link : Wineskin 2.0 released | Wine Reviews