ok so, i think i really ****** something up this time. in december 2010, i jailbroke my ipod with Limera1n, but for some ******* dumbass reason i deleted cydia and all that **** that came with it but Winterboard wouldn't delete. it kept everything i jailbroke (themes, apps, etc.) so i was like whatever, 7 months LATER, i'm like i wanna jailbreak. so i try a different jailbreak software using greenpoison, it all went through but the app(s) never showed up. i'm thinkin' "hmm....WTF?" so i try again, again, again and.....AGAIN. the app(s) never showed up. so i try limera1n again, it didn't work. at this point i'm ready to throw my ******* ipod out the window along with the computer. I think it has something to do with Winterboard being up and my pre-jailbroken **** it left behind with me being stupid. PLEASE HELP. I HOPE I DONT HAVE TO RESET MY IPOD OR SOMETHING!!!!! (((((((((((((( i need help please someone write back ASAP. thank you, Sincerly, pissed off jailbreaker.