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Thread: syncserver uses 80% of ram

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    Default syncserver uses 80% of ram
    hey there,
    a friend of mine was complaining that her macbook pro 2.5ghz c2d / 4g ram from 2008 is dramatically slow since some days. so i checked the activity monitor and saw that syncserver was using about a quarter of cpu and 3gig pysical and 3gig virtual memory (see image). i found this information: OSX - Mac OS Leopard: SyncServer process constantly using 100% CPU - efreedom

    this is the result of the terminal action:
    Silversurfer:~ benutzername$ /System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ full
    2011-06-28 09:56:56.520 perl[504:10b] SyncServer is unavailable: exception when connecting: [NSPortCoder sendBeforeTime:sendReplyPort:] timed out (330940616.518388 330940616.520649) 1
    PerlObjCBridge: NSException raised while sending reallyResetSyncData to NSObject object
    name: "ISyncServerUnavailableException"
    reason: "Can't connect to the sync server: NSPortTimeoutException: [NSPortCoder sendBeforeTime:sendReplyPort:] timed out (330940616.518388 330940616.520649) 1 ((null))"
    userInfo: ""
    location: "/System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ line 16"
    **** PerlObjCBridge: dying due to NSException
    Silversurfer:~ benutzername$
    do you have any idea how i could fix this problem in an other way?
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