Hello. My mac had a crazy hard drive failure on the OS X side (it's been boot camp'd and the windows is working fine) and I took it down to the genius bar. The kind lady finally got my mac running by getting it to boot off of an external firewire hard drive. Then, 'Macintosh HD' mounted (yay!) but she warned me that I could only take out important but small files. So that meant only my iTunes purchases and .docx

She told me that I couldn't take out my big files (I download HD videos, so im pissed now) and she even told me I wasn't even allowed using their drive for retrieving my files (but she let me anyway cause I had a HUGE assignment stuck on it). So I go home happy with a CD in my hand with my documents and iTunes stuff. I asked her how she installed OS X Leopard on her FW drive and she said she wasn't allowed to tell me that but she did say that a quick google search should get me on my feet again. So can you kind folks help me fix my mac?

Any help would be appreciated!