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Thread: HELP! Wake up from sleep issue!

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    Unhappy HELP! Wake up from sleep issue!
    When I close the lid of my mid-2009 macbook pro and wake it a few minutes later, it's fine. If I do this for a few hours and try to wake up my macbook pro, sometimes it won't wake up! I hear the computer is on (hard drive running sound) but no keyboard or mouse response. Third time this happened to me since I bought the computer on July 18, 2009 brand new from the Apple Store.

    During the issue, I close the lid and I see the "white blinking light" fading on and off and I know this is normal indicating that it's sleeping but I can't seem to wake the computer when I open the lid, tap some keys, turn on my wireless mighty mouse (this is after leaving the macbook pro on sleep for a few hours such as me being at work or school). Therefore, I had to force reboot by holding the power button.

    I've read many posts online: read the one where you could disable the ethernet port in network setting, restart, then enable it again after restart and I have yet to see if this works.

    Last time I called apple support, the guy told me to press together: control+option+shift+power button. I tried this and didn't see anything special. Thereafter, it worked fine and woke up from hours of sleeps, for about 6 days and the issue came up again for the third time. The guy I spoke with on the apple tech support told me that this issue has been brought up before and it's a known issue.

    IS MY MAC BROKEN or GOING TO BREAK?! Three times?! Too much times to happen? Is there anything I could do to fix this? Is this a serious problem that I would have to take this down to the apple store or will Snow leopard fix this issue? I bought Snow leopard through the up-to-date Snow leopard program.

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    Quick question, have you ever had the "You need to restart your computer" screen in multiple languages? My old emac used to not wake up and I would occasionally get that kernel panic. Come to find out, my ram was bad. I had to get new ram and it never happened again.

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    I also have the June 2009 MacBook Pro, when my macbook goes to sleep, It also becomes un-responsive. I used to press keys (and also, heard the hard drive) but it would not wake up. Although i have a solution i guess you could call it,

    when your MacBook is sleeping, open it up, and simply press ESC (top left of keyboard), and then you should get prompted for your password works for me.

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