So I setup boot camp yesterday and it messed up, blue screen of death, unresponsive, etc. I deleted the partition and I tried making a new one. 40GB out of my 250GB (173 Free). I got a error that said i needed to restore my system, i do not have a external hard drive and i couldn't do that. Then i figured out what this error means:

I read it has something to do with not having enough memory, where i have to defrag something, basically it was a long explanation but it made sense (I just deleted a 50GB file).

So i was able to make a 5GB partition, and i'm like, "Ok, it works, ill try a 32". I tried a 32 partition and it just sits at "Partitioning Disk". If i open disk utility i can see:

A grayed out 31.7 MS-DOS(FAT32) formatted disk, thats "not mounted" and not mountable. So my question is, how can i do this.

Also i have a black macbook (2008) 250GB, 2GB of ram 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo. Can i install Windows 7 64-bit?