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Thread: ******Mac OSx update 10.5.5 is out*****

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    Default ******Mac OSx update 10.5.5 is out*****
    As i usually do, I check for updates religiously and low and behold there it is...321 megs worth of update...get it while it is fresh out the oven!!!!!

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    thanks dude i immediately started the update process after ur post

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    I waited because it usually breaks some mods especially candybar and such.

    Issues fixed in previous seeds:
    - Resolved issue with AirPort and previously joined networks
    - Fixed issue with OpenGL Framework and multiple video cards
    - Fixed memory issue with HFS and TimeMachine
    - Resolved problem with Preview app and CUPS
    - Resolved issue with OpenGL Framework and multiple video cards
    - Fixed problem with AirPort and previously joined networks
    - Issue with ImageKit and negative longitude value labels resolved
    - Issue with Mail and home directory search resolved
    - Fixed UI issue with VPN drop down menu
    - Issue with Mail Sync and TableColumns resolved
    - Fixed issue with iCal Invitations and read-only local calendars
    - Issue with ImageKit and negative longitude value labels resolved
    - Resolved issue with Back to My Mac and mDNSResponder
    - Resolved issue with CoreAnimation and CVDisplayLink::runIOThread
    - Issue with Control Elements and CoreUI resolved
    - Fixed punctuation issue with Traditional Chinese IM
    - Fixed issue with multiple TCP connections and Application Firewall
    - Issue with Energy Saver settings and Power Management fixed
    - Resolved issue with MobileMe DMNotification
    - Fixed issue with DSADPlugin
    - Resolved issue with GLSL shaders and OpenGL Programmability
    - Fixed issue with Mail Sync and Preferences syncing
    - Issue with BSD Kernel and HFS+ resolved
    - Fixed problem with ImageIO decoder code table
    - Fixed issue with WaitNextEvent API
    - Fix to Mail Message Storage
    - Fixed issue with SAN connectivity
    - Fixed issue with connecting to numerous TCP connections
    - Syncing issue with newly created contacts and Address Book resolved
    - Fixed issue with Address Book Framework and Smart Groups
    - Issue with linking and CFURLProxies fixed
    - Fixed sidebar displaying problem with Mail RSS
    - Dropping a file on the Dock icon now works correctly
    - Fixed login issue with Active Directory
    - Fixed issue with Mail and displaying IMAP messages
    - Resolved Sync Services issue with Address Book and iCal
    - Fixed duplicate syncing issue with iCal Synchronization
    - Resolved issue with PDFKit and Safari PDF documents
    - Issue with VPN menu UI fixed
    - Fixed issue with set wake up times and Power Management
    - Fixed problem with ACLs and NFS access permissions
    - Fixed issue with Mail IMAP and out-of-order replies
    - Issue with DSADPlugin and preferred server option fixed
    - Resolved problem with Active Directory Map UID/GID
    - Resolved issue with Address Book Printing
    - Fixed issue with NoteComposeBackEnd and Mail Notes
    - Fixed issue with "Show GL Layer Setup" in OpenGL
    - Fix to DesktopServices and Full Restore from Time Machine
    - Fixed issue with FileSync and incomplete syncing
    - Fixed issue with TextEdit and color palette
    - Fixed Networking download load issue with NAT host
    - Fix to Text Services Manager
    - Issue with CoreText Layout and neutral character runs resolved
    - Fix to SearchKit
    - Fix to CUPS admin.cgi
    - Issue with non-unicode clients and SMB File Server resolved
    - Fixed issue with SpotlightIndex
    - Recursive GIF interface issue with Networking fixed
    - Fixed kernel panic issue problem with Dashboard
    - Fixed kernel panic issue with smbfs.kext
    - Issue with BootCache resolved
    - Fixed issue with Spotlight and Time Capsule backups
    - Issue with LaunchServices and GuardMalloc resolved
    - Issue with server-side agent and rPFS fixed
    - Issue with copying to FileVault user's desktop resolved
    - MLTE crash after applying URL attribute fixed
    - SMB panic when doing directory listing ACLS resolved
    - Resolved issue with reset sync and Sync Services
    - PPDs with cupsPortMonitor keywords issue fixed
    - Fixed Mac OS Kernel random crashes with physical addresses >4GB
    - Issue with iCal AppleScript and due date resolved
    - SSHD and BSD Kernel hanging issue resolved
    - DO-over-TCP problem with multiple connections to same address issue fixed
    - Fixed issue with inconsistent iCal syncing
    - Fixed application launch crash in _CFURLCacheCopyCacheDirectory
    - NSSocketPort no longer crashes when used in GC enabled application
    - Fix to HLTB Appearance and ThemeTextColor CoreUI
    - Fix to HICocoaView and HIWindowToolbarView
    - Drag and Drop problem with HLTB DataBrowser issue resolved
    - Fixed menu corner issue with HLTB Menus
    - HIViewGetOptimalBounds now returns correct baseline for HIRadioButton
    - HLTB DataBrowser type selection in choose from list dialog now enables default button
    - HLTB DataBrowser type-select in 'choose from list' issue fixed
    - Fixed ImageIO sips issue
    - Fixed NSNavigationServices stripping suffix from file name issue
    - Issue with libresolv fixed
    - Fixed issue with iCal HI and invited events
    - BaseWritingDirection and CoreText Layout now works correctly
    - HLTB Windows: Resizing a window with a drawer now draws correctly
    - Space activation feature now works correctly in HLTB Windows
    - Fix to HLTB Menus and iTunes Help Menu
    - Fix to CFURLConnection
    - Fix to Text Services Manager and CGEventKeyboardSetUnicodeString
    - Issue with CUPS and identical USB printers resolved
    - Resolved issue with ImageKit and GC
    - HLTB Control Manager and file-based image content resolved
    - Fixed issue with Accessibility API and HLTB Menus
    - Issue with Fast User Switching and input method resolved
    - Fixed issue with Page Setup/Print Dialogs and 64-bit applications
    - kThemeAdornmentDefault now works correctly
    - FindControl now returns correct value for control at negative vertical coordinate
    - Issue with HIShrinkToFit and window width fixed
    - Fixed preference syncing issue with Sync Services Engine
    - Issue with SpotlightIndex and finder comments resolved
    - Problem with Proxy Authentication and CFURLAuthentication fixed
    - Fixed freezing issue with Accounts pref pane
    - Fixed filtering issue with Sync Services Engine
    - NSImageBitmapRep now returns correct bytesPerRow
    - Fixed issue where Cocoa apps may crash if carbon events handled prior to NSApplication instance
    - Issue with iCal Invitations and email invitations
    - CoreImage: CILinearGradient now works correctly
    - Fixed hanging issue with Preview application and QuickDraw Manager
    - Resize volume issue with Disk Utility during install resolved
    - Implementation of recurrence rules in VEVENTs now works correctly
    - Issue with RTF Handling and certain file types fixed
    - Fix to CreateLocalIsochPort
    - Issue with migrating backup.backupdb fixed
    - Read Only flag issue fixed with iCal Synchronization
    - Issue with NSMenu resolved
    - Fixed issue where Cal UI wouldn't update with API changes after window is closed
    - Fixed issue with CoreFoundation and uppercase letters in urls
    - CoreGraphics: Issue with clipping to scaled images resolved
    - Issue with Time Machine Preferences and stated available space fixed
    - Fixed issue with SMB and Kerberos reconnects
    - CoreText Layout: CTRunDelegate advance width now applied correctly
    - Issue with Expose/dashboard invoke keys and HLTB Menus fixed
    - Fixed issue with CFURLCookies
    - Fixed problem with iCal To Do List and Preferences
    - RRULE now interpreted correctly in .ics import

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    no problems with it at all.

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