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Thread: FuriousMod License Code issues

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    Default FuriousMod License Code issues
    Hi everyone!I have a problem with my phone.Not a long time ago I used it with a Gevey Sim and it worked fine.To make it work properly I had to perform all the steps from Apple N Berry | Unlock Verizon CDMA iPhone 4S
    in the bottom of the page(and specialy step 9 where I had to enter the License Code that the pop-up menu shows you when you insert together the Sim that I want to use and the Gevey chip) so it worked.But somehow it came up that I have been using a Gevey which is not authentic(original) and at some point it stopped working.So I bought another one(this one was authentic) and when I inserted it I expected it to start working right after that (PLug - and - PLay) but I was surprised!I couldn't acces the Web data (GPRS,3G) and at the place of the Carrier(The top left corner) it was No Service . Now I am only able to call and receive calls , send/receive messages.BUT I dont have the Data service.So I have the feeling that this is because of the fact that I didn't enter the new License Code that the new Gevey chip showed me.It was different than the previous one's .

    So I was wondering how can I make the FuriousMod to ask me again for the License Key so I can enter the new one??
    I tried with the steps described here :Apple N Berry | Unlock Verizon CDMA iPhone 4S
    On the bottom of the page but when I get to step 9 it doesn't prompt me for the registration key but directly directs me to the : Unlock Baseband (On/Off) , Unlock Data Roaming(on/off) window.

    Edit:Considering that there is a new iOS 6.1 Jailbreak released now I want to ask you if I could restore and update my phone,then jailbreak it with evasion(the new jailbreak) and try to run it with the gevey?The phone is factory locked to Verizon 11.3 and it is a CDMA network standart phone.
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