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Thread: How Can I Remove Old Phone Number and Verizon Association? (iPhone 4)

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    Default How Can I Remove Old Phone Number and Verizon Association? (iPhone 4)
    My mom gave me her iPhone 4 because she got an upgrade to a iPhone 5. I don't know how to remove her number so I can use it, I tried restoring it but it's all still there. If there's a app after jail breaking it or whatever that's fine, just please help me.

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    You restored it using your iTunes account and not your mom's right? Did you set it up as a new phone not from a backup?
    You may have to deal with Verizon to change things over, sorry I'm not that up to speed with CDMA phones.
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    No I used iTunes on my computer with my own account and yes I did select "Set up as new iPhone". I read online to "Clean" it I would need to call Verizon but will I need to know my mom's account info? I don't know any of it lol.
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    Congrats on your new iPhone Crossbones3129!
    I just went through a similar situation with my iPhone on Sprint.
    I am assuming that your new iPhone is not unlocked and you will be using it as a replacement for another phone .

    If you have an account and phone number already with Verizon in your name (not your mothers) you would need to contact them with your account info and the phones ID # so they can associate the new phone to your account and then either send your number to the phone or walk you through the number change process.
    If you don't have an account with them you would still need to contact them to get one set up.

    I don't believe a restore from iTunes will replace the number that is already programed in the phone. (It did not work that way for me)

    If the account is in your mothers name then she may have to be the one to call Verizon and have the phone set up on the account.
    I performed an internet search after I had already changed my number and I found there was a step by step instruction on Sprints website. You could try searching Verizons website for one as well.
    Hope this helps you.
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