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Thread: unlocking Iphone 4S

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    Default unlocking Iphone 4S
    Hello, I have not posted here in along time.

    Questions, I have Sprint Service, If I call them, and tell them I am leaving the country, and I want to use it out of country. Will they unlock my phone.
    I have the Iphone 4S
    If so then can I put any Att Sim card in my phone, will it work.
    I want to cancel my Sprint Service, and go back to Att, but I need to pay $320 to end my contract, and get the new Iphone 5.
    I think I can sell my 4S for $350 unlocked on CL.
    It will still cost me less, then paying 649 for the Iphone 5.
    Also I can get rid of sprints super slow data speeds im getting .6 to 1mbps on my 4S.
    I need faster.

    Thank you for your help.

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    They got some sellers on eBay ya may wanna check out an see. Just make sure there feedback is good.

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    Ok, How does that post answer my question?
    Will they unlock my Iphone, and will it work on Att network or any GSM network?

    Thankl you,

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    i believe sprint is a CDMA / EvDO carrier. so unlocking it will not work on ATT which is a GSM carrier.

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    I believe your right, but I thought the 4S had both chips inside it, for GSM and CDMA, but I could be completely wrong.

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    I have a Sprint iphone 4s. I had a gray market unlock done. It works great now. Upgraded IOS twice without a problem. Used it in the USA and overseas. The website that unlocked it no longer lists Sprint. ??? Maybe give them an email. The 4s CDMA does have a sim card slot. (World phone) The 4 CDMA does NOT.

    iPhone IMEI Unlock - Permanent Factory Unlocking 4S iPhone at&t

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    Ok, so I should be able to call Sprint tell them to unlock my phone and use an att sim card in it.
    I will keep you posted.

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    i did more research and raderson79 is correct. the sprint/versizon iphone 4s does support GSM. so, unlocking it will work with ATT.

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    I spoke with Sprint, and they said plug your phone to I tunes and do a restore and it will be unlocked.
    I then asked them if I go to another country and pop a sim card in will it work they said yes.
    I called the t-mobile store here in cali, and asked them will it work and he was unsure, but they did say I could go in and try with a sim card they have instore.
    So It seams like it will work but im not sure.

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    I think Sprint will only unlock it for non USA providers. That is why I used a gray market service.

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