I have an iPhone 4S 16Gb from Verizon iOS 5.1.1 BB 2.0.12
I have erased 'All Content and Settings'
Then installing iOS 5.1.1 trough iTunes
Then jailbreak with RedSn0w
Then add the following repos, backspace.jp Cydia Repository and http://gevey4g.net/cydia
I've installed "CommCenter* patch for iOS" v5.1.1r1a from the first repo
Also I've installed "For ios5.11" v1.3 from the second repo
And power off the phone
Then I've inserted my R-SIM 3 v4.7 with the sim from my carrier Movistar-Panamá
When I turn on the phone I have only to wait 2 or 3 minutes and I get signal from my carrier and I can use the phone and text. To use the data I have to activate "Data Roaming" and write the apn.
I don't have the original Verizon-Vodafone simcard.
And of course I'm in Panamá.

But here's the question:
When I try to change the sim with another from Cable & Wireless Panama (C&W) carrier or try all the before method from the begining it doesn't work? It's allways showing "seraching" instead of my carrier name.

Any idea what can be happening?
Any help to use it with this other carrier (C&W)?

Thanks for your help