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Thread: Jailbreak issues

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    About a month ago I started having issues with my iphone 4s where the speaker (not the earpiece) would sound muffled. It wouldn't happen all the time and I would just respring and it would fix itself. I'm assuming that because I could respring and it fix the problem then it is actually a jailbreak app that is messing with the sounds and its not internally damaged, correct?

    Well so I unjailbroke the phone for a couple days to see if the sound problem would come back, and it did not. So I upgraded to 5.1.1 and rejailbroke the phone. Problem is, yesterday I got the muffled sound again, but I have resprung since and haven't gotten it back. Thoughts?

    Now however, I can't dial directly from 'favorites' or 'contacts' without the dialer crashing. I can put the phone in safe mode and it works, any thoughts on this? MyWi seems to not be working either, I can connect to MyWi usb or wifi network, just don't have an internet connection through it.

    To be 100% honest I'm not sure if I used absinthe 2.0 or 2.1

    Correction I fixed the dialed crash, but I'm still curious to people's thoughts about the speaker getting muffled every now and then, and getting fixed by a respring
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    You have MyWi installed right? I dunno if that might be causing issues or not, depending where you got it from. Do you happen to have Spire or anything installed you think may be causing it? I'd normally just assume it's a hardware problem but if it fixes itself after a respring then I have reason to question it. Did this start happening after you installed anything in specific?
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    I do have mywi installed, does it not work with 5.1.1 yet? I can't figure out why I keep having issues with it

    You think mywi is to cause for the sound issues? I bought mywi so I have an actual license, not one of the cracked ones

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    Yah MyWi is not compatible with 5.1.1 yet. Maybe having it is causing you issues? There's loads of people on here who used their license and got MyWi back and are having problems with it. The devs said it would be out soon though.
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    Yea I started having issues with the muffled sound though before i updated to 5.1.1. I had Carbonx Pro theme which changes some of the sounds on the phone so i deleted it to see if thats the problem. There hasn't been an update for it since 11/11 i think so yea.

    I don't have a lot of jail break stuff compared to some people, but I can't think of what would be causing the issue with the speaker getting muffled until i respring

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    ICaughtU Pro
    Icon Renamer
    Ijokes for Chat bot
    PhoneGV Extension
    Pull to dismiss
    Pull to refresh mail / safari
    Silent Camera Theme
    SMS GV Extension
    Stay Opened
    Wifi Passwords

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    Chuck Norris facts? Lol. I honestly can't see anything being wrong with any of those apps.... They all look fine to me.

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    Haha so I haven't had the issue for a couple days, i think the problem was with "iCaughtU Pro" i'll give it a few more days to see what happens and then redownload it

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    Alright. Tell us how it goes.

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    So i've realized that the problem comes after I use Siri. Maybe someone else can try this too.

    I've uninstalled every Siri extension app I have and the phone no longer gets "stuck" in the muffled sound mode. How I've noticed this 'muffled' sound is if I open siri, say something, then press the power button then immediately try and unlock the phone. When you try and unlock the phone, the keypad for your lock code and the unlock sound are both muffled. After uninstalling all the extensions I had, this muffled noise only lasts about 5 seconds then it goes back to normal, whereas before I had to respring the phone.

    Now its just easiest to hear the muffled noise after I lock the phone, but anything I do after using siri, the sound is muffled for about 5 seconds.


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    It acts the same with the phone in safe mode

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    I get the muffled sound after using FaceTime... Every time I use it. I don't think it's uncommon bro.
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    Yeah I got the same issue. Comes on and off, and I can't seem to figure it out. If it happens, I got to the music/iPod app and play a tune over the speakers, fixes right away.

    I think you might be onto some with Siri: I'll trouble shoot to see exactly when I get the issue, but seems like every extension (so AE basically) causes a lot of conflicts, with the normal Siri operations and with each other as well. E.g., I had International Locations installed, and then I noticed if I said "Review" when having a text message done in Siri, it would crash. Same with the battery Siri extension that I also had installed, it wouldn't work with IL... but now even with IL uninstalled I see issues...

    I'll keep trying to figure it out I guess...

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    I'll see what I can do with FaceTime, it makes the same noise as well. Sometimes happens if I'm on a really long call.
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    Well I noticed something; I can pretty much confirm this has to do with using the phone in speaker/hands free mode. I made a call on speaker mode, and sure enough after I got the muffled sound. Makes sense too: when you think about it, everything that we've found up until now that causes the issue uses the hands-free mode (Siri, speaker, FaceTime...)

    And I'm also thinking this might have happened before I jailbroke my device. I'm just not 100% sure...

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    It did. I've always had that problem.
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    Any new info on this guys? I'm sorry to revamp it...but I've had my iPhone 4s boot with no extensions (volume up during boot) for about a month now. I miss my Inteliscreen X, deck...I can go on for ever! Anyway, the muffled sound doesn't go away for me unless I power cycle. Safe mode no help, respring no help...I think it has something to do with the actual jailbreak. Please help!

    Edit: I never had this problem before the absinthe jailbreak.
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    Maybe it's jailbreak related? I remember having this problem since the 4G came out. Even before there was a jailbreak for it, I had these issues.

    I can't really find a solution though. It's either the mic, or the software.
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    It has to be software...either apples or the jailbreak or the installed packages from cydia. Because a reboot with mobile substrate extensions disabled fixes the problem.

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    I wonder as Silent Camera Theme alters your sound might it be causing a problem?

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    Possible on your end...I don't have that installed. I'll list my installed packages in a bit.

    Airplane SBsettings
    Apt 0.7
    Big boss icon
    Browser Chooser
    Bugfix blank duplicate icon
    Bugfix stuck pages
    Cydia translations
    Default HD SBsettings
    Inteliscreen X
    ITransmission 2
    MyWi 5
    MyWi 5.5 (iOS 5 Library)
    MyWi on demand
    NES ADXplus
    Roms A-Z
    Pandora Downloader
    Rocky Racoon 5.1.1
    Safari Download Manager
    Safari Dowload Manager (translations)
    SBsettings toggles
    Serious SBsettings HD
    Source GUI
    Substrate safe mode

    Lol more than I thought. Sorry
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