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Thread: Issue with jailbreak

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    Default Issue with jailbreak
    Does anyone have this problem with everything being a 1/4 size of its original and pretty much doesn't function. These are screen shots of my iphone. I jailbroke went to cydia and tried adding tlerts and winterboard and this was the result.

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    what device is this with? i jialbroke my 4s today and now i have no service....but my screen was fine

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    4s model. trying a hard restore now with new software to see if it works.

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    Had this issue with my ipod touch. My touch was previously JB with greenpoison. I am a noob, so I didnt know you shouldnt install a backup of a greenpoison jb onto an updated redsnow JB touch or phone. doing this just crashed the hell out of my touch. so I reset it and jb again... and went through and installed a batch of stuff from cydia, and got crashing and the 1/4 screen.... couldnt even hit the buttons correctly in cydia to uninstall anything.... so I had to reset and JB again... finally installing everything one app/tweek at a time. Had one or two do the 1/4 screen thing... dont remember what they were, just guessing they were not totally compatible with iso 5.
    Take your pick as to how to fix it...

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    So i just reinstalled everything..and downloaded new software and restored my phone as new and then backed it up in itunes and the jailbreak went smoothly. Even native apps like safari and all others were 1/4 screens.

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    This happened to me when I installed a tweak that wasn't compatible with ios5.0.1 ,I had to restore then re jailbreak! Not all mods work with ios5 so I guess you have to research if it is,not sure if that was the real cause but it happened as soon as I installed it,hope you resolve your issue. Search for other alternatives of you like.

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    No restore is ever needed for this problem. The fix for this problem is more than simple.

    Enter safe mode....tap restart after unlocking device. Done. No more 1/4 screen bug.

    This bug is no reason to

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