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Thread: How To Change Carrier Logo on Verizon iPhone

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    yea that will work bro

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    so i had it for a quick second. then it went back to verizon. any clue how to fix this?
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    Default Help!!!
    So i did it. Was working great. Then i installed a new app....
    entire /var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone folder wiped clean!!!
    Luckily i saved the zepplin folder but i cannot get the other one back.
    i there anyone out there running on 4.2.7? (i know there are few of us due to the tethered nature) if so, it would be greatly appreaciated to have the /iPhone folder contents emailed to me....
    ill even try someone on 4.2.6

    thanks for your time

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    anyone try adding the bundle to winterboard and changing the permissions to 555 so it cant change itself?

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    ʇnoqɐ ƃuıʞlɐʇ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʇɐɥʍ `ǝpnp

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    The icon in the first post looks nice!

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    Is there anymore word on this? Has anyone gotten it to work permanently?

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    I'm on 4.2.8 and this doesn't work any more.

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    I've gotten it to work on 4.2.8, but after a reboot it will go back to the standard verizon text..

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    i know this is old...but can anyone send me their backup of all the files in "carrier Bundles" i messed up and now i have no 3g or Carrier...and i dont want to restore, if anyone could do that i would praise them haha

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