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Thread: Why bother?

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    Default Why bother?
    The fact that verizon is getting an iphone is no threat to at&t. The fact that cdma technology that has neen obsolete for over 20 years is incapable of browsing the net and talking on phone simultaneously will greatly put verizon buyers of the iphone in a state of buyers remorse. I will never switch to verizon for the simple fact that they falsely advertise to their customer base. 3g & subsequently 4g are impossible to achieve on a cdma or tdma platform. I know this from a college education and military experience in the matter. In order to achieve 3g or utms you have to be on a gsm platform and to get the split signal 4g better know to people of intelligence as hsdpa and hsupa must also be on a gsm platform with a minimal requirement of high packet transfer on general packet radio sevice which is the basest form of gsm technology. Something neither sprint nor verizon have. I know i used to work for verizon. So i will stay put with a carrier who is CAPABLE of delivering a true 4g to my iphone so i wont have to make sacrifices. The only reason verizon is getting an iphone(a stripped down model at that) is because apple got tired of hearing the verizon people cry about not having iphones. So now verizon gets one "just to shut them up".

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    LTE, bro.

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    It's debatable on both sides. It also depends on area, some people have better coverage with Verizon and some with AT&T. Verizon does have better general coverage. So you have to consider this:

    What good does AT&T's faster speed do when you're struggling to get signal.

    Verizon is slower but more reliable. So you get coverage while an AT&T user is running a faster speed SOME of the time and you're getting Verizon service MOST of the time.

    Just perspective. Don't get me wrong, I hate Verizon and I like my GSM iPhone. I have AT&T and can't complain (most of the time, depending where I'm at). Im just sayin', there's a reason to bother.

    Oh that and there are many people locked to Verizon that would love to get their hands on an iPhone. But I'm surely not saying AT&T users would switch. I'm certainly not.

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    If verizon would lower their price I would bother.

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    Well the thing is, thats the technology they use, and there service is more reliable. i mean, everyone i know with an iphone has not so good service in my area based on what i hear. everyone with verizon, which where i live is basicly everyone else, never has a promblem. the thing is, i would never need to do both at the same time anyway, so why should that matter. plus if you have wifi, then you should be able to do that.

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    Not sure why but this thread has attracted the most spam posts lately. going to close it I guess since the OP is banned anyway.

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