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Thread: IPod Custom FirmWare Restoring Help

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    Default IPod Custom FirmWare Restoring Help
    My Ipod has not been jailbroken before. I wanted to upgrade it from 3.2.1 its original version to 4.3.3 or 4.2.1 instead of ios 5. I have the direct download for both versions. And I also have custom firmware of 4.2.1.

    1. At first when I tried updating to 4.3.3 with stock apple firmware, it gave me 3194 error.
    2. I fixed it after a while of trying with tiny umbrella. I turned on tss server and checked set host to cydia.
    3. than it gave me 1604 error, so I used Ireb and now its in pwnd mode which fixed it.
    5. So now I shift click restore and use my custom 4.2.1 firmware, it doesnt show 1604 or 3194, but 2005 error.

    I looked 2005 up and I tried.
    1. Already updated all my usb devices to lastest version.
    2. Restarted my computer.
    3. I have no other computer around so I can't try it on other computer.
    4. I reinstalled itunes.
    5. I plugged into every USB port on my machine.

    Note: My usb ports works fine for everything else.

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    Slightly on the same boat as you. I would try to regularly restore it by pwn dfu'ing it then restoring to factory settings. Then pwn dfu'ing it to 4.2.1. My issue is I keep getting errors also... And I forgot my in iPod reset settings password

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    Guys i wanna say if you havent jailbroken before you are outta luck going to anything before 5.0, it is possible using tiny umbrella IF you have the blobs for that firmware. If you dont have the blobs and apple has stopped signing that firmware, i dont think there is a way. Curious though, why not 5.0 or 5.0.1?
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