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Thread: Ipod Touch 4G Stuck In Soft DFU Mode.

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    Default Ipod Touch 4G Stuck In Soft DFU Mode.
    Well I have actually posted this before but no one answer so i guessed if i made the story shorter, more people would take their time to read. So long story short: I tried to jailbreak my Ipod. It failed and i did the dumb thing to restore the ipod even though it had cydia on it. It ended up in soft dfu mode. From there i could not get anywhere. I tried using Tinyumbrella (only got white screen) and from the white screen i tried the normal way to get out of dfu mode. I also tried Ireb to get in pwned dfu and from there restore the ipod. But i kept on getting error 1601 when trying to restore. So, if you have experienced any of this and maybe have a solution, please post it here.

    Oh and btw both my home button and power button works just so you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    Have you tried restoring on a different computer?
    Yes, I actually tried it like half an hour ago. But then error 3194 appeared but i fixed it and just as before i got the same error as in the beginning but now 1600 instead of 1601 which i believe is the same thing.

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    Well i have tried changing the hosts file to what it is supposed to be. But that can only fix the error 3194 which gives me the error 1600 ones again.
    I have also tried putting it in pwned dfu mode and from there restore, and i have tried all kind of ipsw's.

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    The same thing happened with me... But then i tried on another laptop and it worked :/ do u have a third laptop you can restore on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faresismail View Post
    The same thing happened with me... But then i tried on another laptop and it worked :/ do u have a third laptop you can restore on?
    Unfortanely i do not

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolakorvar View Post
    Unfortanely i do not
    Can u try taking it to a place to check if they would restore it for u? Im not sure if u can do that where u live but in my country u can take ur phone to any small repair shop that will restore it for u ( however in my country its usually a scam since u have to pay 20$ for the restore 50 if they jailbreak it for u )

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    Yeah, but if i have jailbroken my ipod i don't think they will repair it :/

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    How about reinstalling iTunes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faresismail View Post
    How about reinstalling iTunes?
    Well, I can try that, but i uptaded my itunes not long time ago on my second laptop i don't really think that will work.

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    Im out of ideas :/ so just try it out maybe u get lucky... And if it doesnt work, im sure others will be abel to give u better assistance...

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    btw I just had that exact same issue and what I did was: uninstall iTunes and all apple stuff ( bonjour, icloud....) and reinstall iTunes, I was able to restore to ios 6.1 with no issue... at first I used t get the same error, after the extracting... so I changed my hot file nothing happened, I then tried the uninstall ( I didn't want to try it from another laptop coz then my family would know that im not studying for my midterms :P ) anyway I really think you should try this out it worked for me ( im typing this from my laptop coz my phone is still restoring...) also what I did was check tiny umbrella, once I opened it there was a message that was working me about restoring to stock fw and that if I wanted to do that with no error, id have to unckeck the verify with cydia thing...

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