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Thread: IPod Touch 4th Gen IOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak Issues.....

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    Angry IPod Touch 4th Gen IOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak Issues.....
    Ok, so i am very new to the Jailbreak world and very confused/upset. About two days ago i was able to jailbreak my ipod using the newest version of redsn0w (after like 20 tries, it just worked). And Earlier today, i downloaded an app that sent my IPod Touch into reboot. It went into reboot, but kept trying to shut off showing that circle load icon. i gave it about 20 mins of rebooting but nothing changed. Fearing i had a virus or something on my device, i restored it, and tried re-jailbreaking my device. I have tried about 30 times, and cant get it to work! It keep's coming up with this error right after it loads the "first stage"..."redsn0w.exe. has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"... Now, when I previously jailbroke my iPod, it said this every time but the one time it worked (obviously). Any help would very greatly appreciated... Thanks

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    Are you putting your device into DFU mode properly?

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    That probably is it... I don't know for sure... Could you explain the process to me?

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    I dont follow redsn0w's instructions when i go into DFU mode. Dont shut off your device, go into redsn0w to where it says prepare to DFU, blah blah, if you know how to DFU you can do it from this screen. do not click the next button........with your ipod on, hold the power and home button until your screen goes completely black, hold the power button (top) for 1 more second, let go of it and keep holding the home button until redsn0w program window changes, then let go of the home button. Hope this helps.

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    Samuel17, I tried that, but the error still accured.... :/ Would the fact I'm not using the computer I'm synced tothrough iTunes affect it? I'm using a a laptop I just got and it's like 1 1/2 years old and my iPod isn't synced to it....

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    That shouldnt affect anything, i have used different computers to jailbreak before. Try a different USB port maybe, sometimes that makes a difference.

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    Still nothin... A previous jailbreak shouldnt effect trying to jailbreak now should it?

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    Is it jailbroken currently? For the most part, aside from recent redsn0w updates, you are not suppose to jailbreak over a current jailbreak. Not sure if this is the case though.

    Also, if you are on windows 7, make sure to right click the redsn0w.exe file and "run as administrator".

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    No it's not currently... I restored it so cydia and everything was takin off... I'll try running it as administrator and let ya know with the outcome...

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    Windows 7 is all weird like that, im hoping that will do it for ya, good luck! Also sorry for any short responses, im at work

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    Hey no problem, im just glad there are people like you able to help people like me haha

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    Well im not a pro jailbreaker, i have never run into major issues when jailbreaking so i dont always have a good solution but im always willing to try to help out a fellow jailbreaker

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    Well you sound pro (compared to me)... And ya, just my luck that I run into problems early in my jail breaking experience.

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    jailbreaking used to be harder before the days of programs like redsn0w, greenpois0n, etc. After a few times you will get the hang of it, apple releases new firmware often just to stop us so you get to practice a lot if you update, i usually dont update until the next major one though, but then ya gotta update within the signing window and all that stuff haha lots of things to think about

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    Oh I can imagine seems like without those programs it would be practically impossible... Ya, I'm not going to update for a while... Last time I did I ended having to wait for the past 5.0 jailbreak because I was running 4.3.5 on my iPod at the time... -.- hey, do you know if they will make a jailbreak possible for the 5.0's through ""?

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    I havent heard anything about, i havent ever used it actually :P I would imagine they would keep it going as others have updated their software. I always stayed with redsn0w because of the bootlogo ability which has sadly died with 5.0+ I still hope there will be an update to make it work again haha

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    I hope so! Cause I jailbroke my brothers iPod with that (4.3.3) and it worked amazingly well! And no computer needed... And what is the boot logo your talking about?

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    I'm hoping I understand what you're asking. The Boot logo is the white Apple that you get when your iPod starts up. With a jailbroken device you can change that to an animated logo. I like to make logos they're kind of fun :P
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    Seriously?! Thats awesome! So, you design some? And I'm assuming you then put them on cydia right?

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    I do my best, I've had some big hitters and some not so big hitters haha Some have had 1000 downloads in the day and some have barely had 10 and a day haha That's actually the reason I first got modmyi, for getting stuff on Cydia
    Ipod enthusiast/computer programmer.......anyone want a PC music randomizer?

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