Hey all,

Was trying to update my 5.0 jailbreak to 5.0.1 on my iPod touch 4G using the latest redsn0w (0.9.9b8) and in the process got stuck at a pure white screen that's unresponsive to anything.

I had accidentally closed iTunes in the process of updating the firmware to 5.0.1 and the progress bar had stopped. I rebooted the iPod and received a connect to iTunes screen. Not wanting to start over from scratch yet, I connected redsn0w and tried "recovery fix" a bunch of times. When it brought up a terminal it had said something about an error that timed out after 60000 ms and automatically shut down after a while.

At this point I tried both just boot and pwned DFU mode to try just starting it or restoring 5.0.1 and starting over from scratch. Sometime during this process is when it got stuck at this white screen.

Holding down the home and power buttons together does not reboot the device, trying to send it into DFU mode doesn't do anything. iTunes isn't seeing it and neither is redsn0w.

Is there anything anyone can think of to get my iPod responsive again? I'm pretty sure if I let the battery run down it would be fine and I could continue from there but I'd like to make sure... plus it could take a while at this rate. Thanks for any and all input.