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Thread: iPod Touch Troubleshooting

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    Default iPod Touch Troubleshooting
    There are a lot of threads everyday that post the same questions, so I thought I'd do one to help the most common.

    iPod Touch and iPhone Troubleshooting
    First, guidelines for
    If something bad happens:

    DON'T PANIC!!! Panicking is one of the worst things that you can do when a problem arises. Panicking makes us desperate, irritable and leads to mistakes which can make things worse!

    Don't yell Yelling is using caps or bolding text. It creates a high tense situation which doesn't always help when someone is trying to help you. Be civil and keep your voice down.

    Be descriptive Do not reduce your text with short hand as that makes it hard for those trying to help to understand; this includes headlines that seem like you're the only one in distress. EX "OMG HELP ME!!! PRBLM WITH ITOUCH!!!" That can actually deter people as you're acting arrogant and greedy. In your descriptions, explain everything, it wont hurt to post too much information about your device.


    Apps keep crashing
    This can be caused by incorrect permissions within applications, corrupt applications, or not having the correct prerequisites for applications. First, try fixing your permissions by downloading the app 'BossPrefs' and, under 'More' press 'Fix User Dir Permissions' and see if that helps. If that doesn't help, try re-downloading the application. If an app says that it needs prerequisites, download them before getting such an app. Now if it's an AppStore app, all hope is lost . But really, AppStore is buggy and so are some programs, the only step above that could help would be to reinstall.

    My device won't turn on
    One thing that may hurt is a depleted battery. Plug it into your computer and try to turn it on. It could be that your device also has a problem with the firmware, in which case needs a restore. For restore mode ('resetting' the device), hold the Home button until an icon appears on your screen (iTunes with a USB underneath). For DFU ('redoing' the device):
    1. Turn the device off (if it already isn't) and hold the Power and Home button for 10 seconds exactly.
    2. Release the Power button and hold the Home button until the device is read by your computer. The screen should be black.
    For some other methods, see BigBoss.

    I get an error when restoring
    This can mean many things, but is specified by its error number. (160x) errors refer to firmware problems. (-69) error refers to a corrupt file when trying to upload something (more with syncing).

    How do I..? / What do I..?
    Refer to this post (it is a bit outdated).

    Cydia/Installer screwed up my device
    These are rare occurrences (far outweighed in happenings by things going smoothly), mostly after updating the application. Since you can downgrade these apps without uninstalling them, you could restore and try again, re-download the software you used for jailbreaking or the firmware and do it again. To help prevent such occurrences, don't ask the device to do so much during such things while updating, don't do anything prior to updating and be sure you restart the app or respring or reboot. Also, do not blame the authors if anything happens. These apps are not nor meant to be malicious.

    I have a spinning wheel of death (SWOD)
    The SWOD is like the BSOD, but instead of stopping all processes, it tries to run them all, which it cannot do. Though risky, you can turn it off and turn it on and that should take care of it. It it continues (especially if in endless boot or when using settings) you should restore. See 'My Device Won't Turn On' for how to get into Recovery/DFU mode. To help prevent such things, try:
    1. Turn off your device, connect to computer
    2. SSH in to your device
    3. Go to the directory </private/var/mobile> and rename "Applications" to "Applications2".
    4. The device should respring
    5. Rename "Applications2" back to "Applications"
    6. Reboot your device (manually if you have to)
    And you should be set when it comes to booting up/respringing.

    My wallpaper isn't changing
    Make sure that your themes are in the right directory. They should be in the Summer/WinterBoard (depending on firmware version) directory </private/var/mobile/Library/SummberBoard> or in </private/var/stash/Themes.2iJR2m> (both work). If that doesn't work, try rebooting your device. If that still will not work, try a different theme (sometimes when you download a theme, it downloads the same thing[s] under [a] different name[s]).


    Please remember: bad things happen to our devices. We're using software that alters our device's OS, there will be problems eventually. Don't worry, just get through it and move on, remembering the mistake that led to the incident. Don't get angry and don't blame. We will help you if you're nice and respectful of us.


    This post could use some more information!
    If you'd like to add anything, please post it and it will be added to this post! If I made a mistake or said something incorrect, please correct me! The correction will come as soon as possible!
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