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Thread: 2nd and 3rd generation questionq

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    Default 2nd and 3rd generation questionq
    I am going to purchase a new itouch since mine is toast. I am either interested in the 3rd gen 8gb or the 2nd gen 16gb. Here are my questions:

    1.Since the hardware on the 8gb didn't get improved from the 2nd gen is it even worth it?

    2.Is there anything the 3rd gen 8gb can do that the 2nd gen can't?

    The help is much appreciated.

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    I dont have an iTouch, but I would recommend going after the 3rd gen as long as you arent looking to jailbreak immediately. A lot of the new apps are made to run on the much faster 3G iTouch and 3GS. And Im pretty sure the only change between iTouchs are speed...

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    The only problem is the "3g" 8gb is really a 2g because the hardware wasn't updated, just the software. Talked to apple this morning to confirm this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortfun View Post
    The only problem is the "3g" 8gb is really a 2g because the hardware wasn't updated, just the software. Talked to apple this morning to confirm this.
    That is false, I dont know who you talk to but the 8gb third gen DOES contain the hardware upgrades mentioned. I work for an AASP and I have personally seen the upgrades in the 8gb. That said, the iPod Touch 3g is faster but it comes at a price: a tethered jailbreak, meaning you have to re-run blackra1n after the device powers down or reboots. The 2g does not have this problem. Yes the 2g is slower, but I have one and am pleased to say that there is not an app yet that I really CAN NOT run. So the un-tethered jailbreak coupled with the extra space suggest 16gb 2g to me, but it is ultimately your decision, do you really need the extra speed or not.
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    Just so we're on the same page, hardware is the physical device and driver for the system. Software is the firmware aka "update" which is new on the "3g" 8gb.

    I spent over an hour talking to a tier 1 devise builder at apple who confirmed this exact thing. That's why when u find comparisons btw the 3 and 2gen there is an asterisk by the 8gb, because it doesn't have the 256M. It also IS NOT compatible with the new OpenGL ES 2.0 or the mic. Therefore the "3g" 8gb is actually a 2nd gen re-badged with updated firmware.

    The other way you can tell is by taking it apart because the 32 and 64 have a spot where the camera was SUPPOSED to be but didn't happen due to a glitch.

    Think I'm goin with the 16gb 2nd gen.

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    Only the 32 and 64 gb 3rd Gen iPod touches have the upgraded hardware.

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