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Thread: ipod 3g stuck in recovery loop

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    Default ipod 3g stuck in recovery loop
    hello modmyi. ive stalked around the place for a while and trying everything to no avail this is my first post. i have an ipod 3rd gen that i was given to try to fix. being as its not mine i didnt experience when this problem first started or what the current firmware is. i was told it started when the owner left it over night to charge and when he came back it was stuck in recovery mode. to my knowledge it has never been jailbroken

    heres the problem.
    ipod is stuck in recovery mode. upon trying to restore by clicking restore ipod in itunes it gets up to "waiting on Ipod". at this time the ipod displays the horizontal progress bar but shows no progress. after about 20-30 seconds the process is automatically canceled and gives the error 9 which to my knowledge mean the connection between the ipod and itunes has been disconnected during recovery.

    heres what i have tried.
    o recovery in recovery mode and DFU both giving the same results as stated above.
    o recovery in recovery mode and DFU using the Shift click with different firmwares that I manually download. this method does not get to the progress screen and gives the error 3194 ( i have forgotten the reason for this error)

    o exit recovery using ireb, tiny umbrella, and redsn0w. all failed
    o just boot tethered using redsn0w. failed
    o iRecovery failes to recognize the ipod so i havent been able to use this method

    ive also tried changing cables, usb ports, uninstalling and reinstalling itunes and all apple software, and trying another computer entirely

    i am currently downloading all firmwares from 3.1 to 5.1 and i intend to trying to recover using all firmwares. i have wondered if it may be a hardware problem with the charging port itself on the ipod and may order one and replace it to see if that proves to be a fix. i have run out of ideas and figured i would ask the experts. as this isnt my ipod i dont know the history on it (ie jailbroken, firmwares, damage from water, drops, etc) all replies are appreciated greatly

    edit: when the ipod shows the status bar the ipod resets first and then itunes stops the update and throws the error. i dont know if this makes a difference in finding a solution or not
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