Ok, so im a new member to this site so correct me if i do anything wrong, i dont really know what to look for. So my ipod touch 4th gen is on iOS 5 and i jailbroke it using redsnow 9.9b6.
Ive constantly been having an issue since ive had 4.3.5 and on. My ipod was working fine until one day, when i opened sbsettings it just froze, after about 5 mins it resprang (not into safe mode), but after that it would freeze after a few seconds without me doing anything, then resprings again. And it never ended. So i restored and jailbroke again with the same program, then it crashed again, but i only opened a normal application, it just froze,resprang, then froze some more. I let it sit for a long time, when somehow it finally stopped, so i opened cydia and removed mobile substrate, because i thought it was the problem. And it fixed it, but i dont know if it is a certain tweak, mobile substrate, or just the jailbreak itself that is causing the problem.
Upon downloading mobile substrate again, it eventually goes into the same loop. Ive had to restore twice, and ive also ssh'd into my device and removed all of the tweaks from the dynamic library folder, which made it unfreeze for a while, but then it just crashed for no reason again. It never goes into safe mode, even if i rush to sbsettings and hit safe mode it still freezes. And when it unfreezes (very rarely) i cant open sbettings or use the multi-task switcher or it will just go into the same loop.
Whats really odd about this problem is mostly how everything works fine for a while then eventually it will just crash. I want to be able to use tweaks that use mobile substrate, so im looking for advice on how to stop this loop from happening, or how to get out of it without removing mobile substrate. Thanks in advance for any advice. This problem is very puzzling to me and i really have no idea what to do about it, its just very annoying haha.