ok I have a 2nd gen ipod the home key sometimes works but i usually have to jam it. It is currently open and i am waiting for the screen replacement to come in(i broke it) Is that maybe the problem with the home key or is there something inside of it i can adjust or is it just the program in general. It is updated on 3.1.3 with the redsnow jailbreak. It HAD THE Same issues before the jailbreak as this was very hard to get into dfu mode. There seems to be 2 tiny copper tabs 1 directly underby the home key ! of them being directly under the home key and the other one is attached to a screw holding the sync port in place to. On my ipod My copper prong that is attached to the screw is broke and now it only sits there flat. what is the purpose of this part i cant figure it out and does it have anything to do with my problem??