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Thread: Need Help SpringJumps Not working

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    Default Need Help SpringJumps Not working
    Hi everyone i just installed a theme on my thing and it need spring jumps it was all working well and all of the sudden i go to turn the page and it resprings so i was like alright. So it loads back up again and i go to switch the page and it resprings again im like wtf is going on i tried just about everything to my knowledge which isn't much if someone could plz help me i would appreciate it. Or could help me on msn/aim/xfire whatever msn:[email protected] aim:gamesh5 xfire:terminatorj14 PLZ HELP

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    Hard to say whats causing the crash. I would start by uninstalling/reinstalling springjumps.

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    is there a way to do that bec i cant get in cydia at all

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    ^So, your having more issues than just the spring jumps?? Need to tell us, otherwise you wont get it resolved.

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    i told u in the description i turn the itouch on i try to slide to the 2nd page where cydia is and when i slide it just resprings it keeps doing it over and over.

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    ^No, you said springjumps wasnt working, which makes me believe when you try to hit any springjump icons to "jump" to a page it crashes.....not that sliding to another page crashes it.

    Try a reboot if you havent already.

    If you have SBsettings installed try placing the phone in "safe mode" then see if you can get to another page to uninstall springjumps.

    Otherwise, you may end up having to restore.

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    My issue with Springjumps is that I have everything installed and my iNav theme is working fine, except that the 5 Springjump icons along the bottom of the home screen are visible and work--how do I make them INvisible and still work?? It is my ONLY issue and it is killing me--HELP!!!!!
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    Default springjumps problems with inav

    i have the same issue as you with inav and springjumps icons and i cannot find a solution. i am running 3.0 right now and i think it is not compatible yet. are you on 3.0?

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