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Thread: Apple Begins Shipping iPods, Posts New iPod Commercial

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    Default Apple Begins Shipping iPods, Posts New iPod Commercial

    New iPads are finally shipping and Apple released a new television ad titled “Bounces” to accompany the occasion.

    The ad shows off the iPod touch, nano, and shuffle literally bouncing around, changing colors and very reminiscent of Apples older flashy iPod commercials. The commercial doesn’t mention or show off a single feature. Humans never interact with the device. The commercial simply focuses in music, and colors. Lots of colors.

    Apple utilizes Willy Moon’s song “Yeah, Yeah,” appropriately using the up beat music break apart the iPod touch at the start into two units, then into three nanos, before finally splashing into of wave of iPod shuffles.

    Honestly, while not the most creative thing to come out of Cupertino, but at least it’s not another “Genius” ad.

    Source: MacRumors

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    There are new iPads shipping?

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    Haha might wanna change it from iPads to iPods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kickerman65 View Post
    There are new iPads shipping?
    Perhaps he mixed up the new iPod touch with the rumoured iPad mini. It's as good a rumour, and just as reliable, as any LOL

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    I really like this commercial. It appeals to the fun of having an iPod. Honestly, if I wasnt planning on buying an iPhone 5 as soon as my upgrade becomes available next month, I would probably invest in a Nano. I love the style and size of the new nano. The full touch screen one before was nice but seems very difficult to use while exercising, etc. I still think apple could turn a profit by refreshing their iPod Classic line, but then again, i would like to have the old, hackable, iPod Video 5g back too. We cant always get what we want ;-(

    Looks like we got the "iPhone Nano" or "iTouch Nano" we always wanted... I really do like the yellow one tho.
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    I wouldn't considering to buy this new iPod, don't dislike it, but also don't love it, just let it go!
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    Gonna sell my old ipt4 for that sexy new one.

    Basically an iPhone 4S but slimmer, right?

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    "New iPads are finally shipping..."
    Really? I seem to have had 1 since March.

    "Humans never interact with the device."
    What sets off all the "bouncing"? Apes? Or even (google's) androids?

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    Apples commercials are always neat! This one is great!

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    @Colin9000 if you think the 4S has a taller screen, then the iPod is the same

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    How long before people start throwing their iPods around, then complaining that they break?

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    The first couple posts were just unnecessary...we knew what he meant. Grow up trolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nat130 View Post
    How long before people start throwing their iPods around, then complaining that they break?
    Man! Was the first thing that came to my mind! Broken, scuffed, dents... Those rebounds look weird as a sale tactic...

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