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Thread: Replacements for First-Gen iPod Nano Models at Risk of Overheating Begin Arriving

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    Default Replacements for First-Gen iPod Nano Models at Risk of Overheating Begin Arriving

    We previously wrote about the announcement that Apple made regarding a worldwide replacement program for first-generation iPod Nano owners. The program was put into place to replace devices that had the possibility to overheat and in extreme cases, even catch fire. Apple decided to finally broaden their replacement program from Japan and South Korea and instituted it worldwide last week. It was unclear what type of replacement units the company would be sending back and while some hoped that they would receive newer-generation iPod Nano models, the replacement units are still first-generation iPod Nanos.

    The new unit being sent out is an exact duplicate of the original iPod Nano in terms of color and capacity. The Cupertino giant is obviously sending back refurbished units for the replacements but the good news is that the company's standard refurbishment program includes the use of brand-new batteries and outer shells to make the device appear and function as if it is brand new. The devices being sent out don't seem to have the wear and tear of five to six years of usage, which is probably a better condition than many sent their devices in.

    The replacement unit also comes with a 90-day warranty, which offers users a chance to make sure that everything is working properly upon receiving their unit. It is noted that any personalization (such as etched engravings) will not be included on the replacements. Many have complained about the short warranty on the returned units but from Apple's point of view, it makes perfect sense. For them to provide a better warranty on a product that is already this old would probably be difficult, considering they don't even produce the same models anymore. Having the replacement program and a 90-day warranty seems to be quite generous enough, at least in my opinion.

    For those of you who sent in your first-generation iPod Nanos, have you received your replacement yet? How do you feel about the replacement program and the 90-day warranty? Share your experiences and thoughts below!

    Source: MacRumors

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    Personnaly, I 'm just really happy that my 1st gen ipod (which had half the screen borken) will be replaced with a working unit. I knew it was a good thing to hang to this old device even if I got a newer version of the nano.

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    how long does it take apple to ship out the boxes? i ordered mine on monday

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    Hey, I am just thankful that they are replacing my iPod.

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    Well then, it looks like this article was incorrect: Apple iPod offer over safety fears | Technology | The Guardian... but like this article stated; they won't have the scratches of 5-6 years of use!
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    I sent my immaculate one back to Apple yesterday which had nothing obvious wrong with it. Shortly I'll receive an identical replacement which will be immaculate and will have nothing obvious wrong with it!

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It can go back into my bedside cabinet drawer where it will likely live for the next 5 years!

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    yea i ordered two boxes and only one came... that was sunday

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    I did my serial friday or sat. Still have not received the box or a replacement.

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    Got my box to send mine back today.

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    I did mine last week friday and they recieved it today and it's on the third step "return" product replacement pending. I hear it takes up to 1.5 months to get back is that really true? I hope not..... cuz if they have refurb units laying around already it should be quick i assume

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    Packed mine up last night. Now have to get around to finding a place to send it out. Don't feel like requesting a Fed-EX person to come out and instuructions say not to use Fed-EX drop-boxes. I have a place I think does packing and pick up just need to go there.

    I have to say Apple knows even how to send you repair boxes in Apple style. For this tiny nano they give you a large box with enough cushion in it and foam and even give you tape to tape box back up.

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    Default Anyone got it back yet
    Anyone, got there ipod passed stage 3 and shipped back?

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    Default no news?
    Still no news? I've had mine on return for a week without any update........ called in they said max up to 5-6 weeks........

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    Mine says product replacement pending. No biggie. They did say 5-6 weeks in the original email anyway.

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    I got a brand new 8gig 5g nano... very very happy

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    I just received an iPod nano 6th gen as a replacement for my 1st gen. I now know what a joygasm feels like.
    😍 🍎 😍 🍎 😍 🍎 😍 🍎 😍 🍎 😍

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