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Thread: Earbuds - blowing the speakers??

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    Default Earbuds - blowing the speakers??
    I use the earbuds that came with my iPhone with my iPod touch 4g. I have went through two pair so far. I like to wear my iPod when I ride my motorcycle and since my bike is loud, I need the ipod to be loud too. I am only speculating here but I believe I am blowing the speakers in my earbuds. Is this even possible? My Ipod is JB and I do have "volume boost 4.0" installed and activated.
    Is it possible to blow these earbud speakers? The first pair came with my iphone, and I like to use them because the volume and track control on the wire. Both speakers one day (and I dont remember if it was after a ride or not, but I remember that it rained and I thought at the time that I had gotten them wet to cause this) started to sound muted when I had them in my ears, but the sound was coming out of the back where the five little holes are. If I put the buds to my ear backwards with the speaker pointing away from me, I could hear the music clearly and much louder than if inserted into my ear normally. I bought a new set and have been using them since.
    Now I went for a long ride the other day and I rocked out with the ipod while I was out. the next day, the left ear bud was doing the same thing as my old set. The only thing I can think of is I blew the speaker on my ride....

    Anyone experienced this before? Know for a fact that this can happen or am I way off base? Is this a possible known issue I cant google correctly?

    Thanks Mike

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    I've never had this problem, but maybe it's because I don't do extremely loud activities . It is possible to blow the speakers on it though, I'd reccomend you remove Volume Boost 4.0 and see if it makes a difference.

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